Tuesday, 072815

A. Push Jerk – 1RM

B. Split Jerk – 1RM

C. 15-10-6

Thrusters 165/113

Bar muscle ups 

D. Ghd back ext 4×10 with weight  hold last rep at top for 10 seconds 

18 thoughts on “Tuesday, 072815”

  1. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 198 *8# PR
    B. 215
    C. 10:26. Don’t ever buy Again Faster rig for your gym. People with small hands like me can’t hold on as it is, nonetheless on a bar with no torque and no grip. πŸ™ A good carpenter doesn’t blame it’s tools, so I still need to work on my grip, but this is a public service announcement. B, can we retest that one in 5 weeks?
    D. Done

  2. Push press 265
    split jerk 355
    barras horribles para hacer barmu
    wod pm
    wod barras horriblea para haber bar mus

  3. A. Push Jerk 265 PR ! Just missed 275

    B. Split Jerk 308 PR!

    C. Done RX finished at 9:12

    D. Complete

  4. mickey kilmartin

    Stopped at 275 for both push and split
    Previously have done 290 push press and 330 split jerk so well under Max
    Nothing feeling good this week so far

    Metcon- 8:41 unbroken thrusters maybe not best idea but wanted to give it a try that way

    Accessory work done

  5. A. Push Jerk – 1RM
    (206#) PR

    B. Split Jerk – 1RM
    96 kg
    (209#) PR

    ^Been stuck under 200# forever so pretty happy about both of these! πŸ™‚

    C. 9:28

    D. 400m run x 5 (Add on)
    Averaged around 1:30 each round

    E. GHD back ext w/ 25# plate- DoneΒ 

  6. A. Push Jerk- 300# Finally
    B. Split Jerk-295# Didn’t have the legs for 315# today unfortunately.
    C.Made up DT @ 155# 9:07
    D. Done

    Add on work today since I had access to extra equipment

    A. 3 Rounds 150m Ski Erg, 5 115lb slam ball over, 10 dips, 10 GHDSU

    B.10 Min sled drag working from 220#-420#

  7. A. 300 huge pr, my last recorded push perk was 265
    B. 315 matched my pr
    C. 15:36 my rig I can’t string them together dude to how it’s constructed and I fully touch so it sucks.
    D. Done

  8. mickey kilmartin

    Our again faster rig tears my hands up and is slick as hell. Not a fan bc you can’t wear gymnastics wraps to save hands either bc it is so slippery.

  9. My wrist is a little sore from the power clean, push jerk, split jerk thing so I’m nursing it this week I have to make up a and b later this week.

    Did flight simulator in 6:01

    one minute rest between each set.

    D. Complete

    Hoping my wrist feels better tomorrow

  10. Janelle Oloughlin

    A. Push Jerk – 1RM: 75 kg
    B. Split Jerk – 1RM:75kg, tried 78 failed..feeling tired, no drive left
    C. 15-10-6: 10:44
    Thrusters 165/113
    Bar muscle ups :c2b
    Worked bar MU and got my 1st one and two!!! Woo hoo! Thanks for the encouragement Lynn!!

  11. Nathan Kuffrey

    285 push
    325 spilt heaviest overhead in 2 months so happy
    6:20 metcon unbroken thrusters

  12. Danielle Campbell

    A.Push jerk 1rm – 175# which makes no sense because my push press is 180#. That needs work. B.Split jerk -195# 200 current 1rm. C. 15-10-6 113#/ctb. have bar m.u but they’re spotty and my squat stand/pull up rig is not bolted down. So ctb it was:-) 7:32

  13. Didn’t get along with the barbell today…
    A. 80kg…. Did this for 3 or 4 last time.
    B. 80kg…..22lbs from my PR. Silliness.
    No drive. Dip was funky junky…. Bring this on in five weeks!
    C. 8:47
    D. Complete

  14. Tasia Percevecz

    a/b: worked speed work.. did t build to a max

    couplet: 5:05. unbroken mu.. broke up first two sets of thrusters 11-4, 6-4

  15. A. Push Jerk: 193. 20# PR from the beginning of the last cycle

    B. Split jerk: 203

    C. Did team practice work.

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