Monday, 072715

Congrats to Team Fiternity; placing 12th place at the 2015 CrossFit Games

2016 Phase Kicks off today. We will begin with some tests and fun workouts from the games. Plan to retest in 5. Message with any questions / concerns. Reminder: gymnastics specific and endurance specifics workouts – 3x per week will be posted following testing. 

A. Back SqT – 1RM for the day 
Rest 5 min 

85% for max reps 

B. “Heavy DT” / “DT”

5 rds 

12 deadlifts 

9 hang power cleans 

6 shoulder to overhead 

205/145 *woman add 1# plates if you have 

*for those who cannot handle these weights, don’t force it. Perform normal DT at 155/105

C. 10 min of band and Scap work 

D. Weighted plank holds 4 x 1 min

22 thoughts on “Monday, 072715”

  1. A. Back SqT – 1RM for the day Hit 352 which felt great, got excited and went after 372, failed, went to 363 and failed. Womp womp. Legs are slowly coming back though and knock on wood Knee is pain free!

    Rest 5 min

    85% for max reps (300LB hit 5 reps)

    Hit the traditional “DT”

    5 rds

    12 deadlifts

    9 hang power cleans

    6 shoulder to overhead

    All at 155LB. Finished in 7:34. Old PR was 8:15 so I’m somewhat happy about that.

    Accessory work done.

  2. Not one of the best days but got most of it done, will have to redo DT.
    A. Back squat 1 RM- 385 Missed 405 (think it’s due to weak core)
    B. Max reps, hit 3 @ 325 and just wasn’t there mentally.
    C. DT didn’t happen, training partner had back tweak and we were managing that, may add it on tomorrow or do it another day this week.
    D. Accessory work done

  3. New here! Just getting back into CrossFit after 6 months of more of a focus on BJJ.
    Thanks for letting me hop on Brandon!

    Excited to start this cycle with you guys.

    A. 335. old pr is 355 so I’m pumped I didn’t lose much. BW 175

    6 reps at 85%

    B. Regular DT in 8:12 🙁

    C. Done

  4. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 137 kg (302#).
    For reps: 9 @ 117kg (257#)
    C. Heavy DT 10:57 *hardest were STOH for me. And I need to stop chalking so much. No one needs that much chalk.
    D. Done
    E. Done

  5. A. 440 10 pound pr
    A1. 5 minute rest dI’d 375 for 10
    B. Regular dt 9:13, paced way to much, was feeling rushed for a funeral I tried going to

  6. Tasia Percevecz

    Stayed light on the back squat.. haven’t broken parallel in a week because of my hip.. been feeling better.

    Heavy DT: 7:27

  7. mickey kilmartin

    Back squat has felt like trash for last month or so. Trying to figure it out. Only hit 335 which I have done for ten before. So dropped down to 285 after and hit that for 20 reps pretty easily. Go figure.

    Heavy DT (205) crushed my soul- 20:32. But at least I finished it.

    Accessory stuff done

    Rough monday woo

  8. A. Back SqT – 1RM for the day 
    117 kg (12# PR!)
    Rest 5 min 
    85% for max reps 
    99kg x 6

    B. Regular “DT”
    5 rds 
    12 deadlifts 
    9 hang power cleans 
    6 shoulder to overhead 

  9. Janelle Oloughlin

    A. Back SqT – 1RM for the day : 111kg pr!

    B. 85% for max reps : 95 kg x 8…

    B. “Regular DT 11:06 very slow getting back on bar…

    D. Weighted plank holds 4 x 1 min: 45# x4

  10. Brandon Petersen

    Great job guys and keep the comments coming! also, bug everyone your training with daily to also comment, hahaha

  11. Wasn’t able to squat R/T time constrictions.

    Heavy DT 14:05- grip hit a huge wall and it took me 4 min to finish last round ????

  12. A. Back SqT – 1RM for the day
    121kg/266lbs – tied PR. Failed 270lbs, three times.

    B. 85% for max reps
    REPS: 7 @ 102kg/224 (think I could have hit 10 if I didn’t try the 270 multiple attempts)

    C. Regular DT (105lbs)
    TIME: 6:10

    D. 15 min of band and Scap work – complete
    – Band Squeezes
    – Tricep Pull Downs
    – Recovery bands with Juan

  13. Just starting to be able to move heavy weight again after Achilles Surgery in April

    A. Worked up to 315 lb for an easy 3. Didnt want to push it too hard
    B. DT @ 155 9:10
    C Done
    D Done

  14. Danielle Campbell

    Hi:-) I’m new here! I was invited by Corrin to do the programming with her. I’m excited, eager to learn and get better! I’ll be doing most of the work at my home gym. As you will see, Oly and gymnastics are my weaknesses but im working on both. First day back after taking almost a whole week completely off so I didn’t want to over do it. BS- up to 245 for day 280 prev 1rm 213×10 Had to give “Heavy DT” a shot. Gave myself 15 min cap did 3+8

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