Friday, 072415

Sat & Sunday meant as flush days.  Relax, stay loose and get ready for 2016 Phase starting Monday!
A. Back SqT : 10 x 3 every :90 @70%B. Emom x 14 x 2-3 power clean + push jerk + split jerk – ascending and building with volume. Start about 70% of your 1RM PC+PJ

C. 100m bodyweight sled push

Rest 5 min 


1k row

50 t2b

25 SqT cleans (135/93)

10 muscle ups 

E. 10 min recovery bike 

F. Db sa rows

7 thoughts on “Friday, 072415”

  1. A. Done, @ 245#
    B. Started at 70% (185#) and added weight every other minute until 85% (210#) at 9th min and failed.
    Pretty sure I did this wrong!?
    C. Sled push at 225# counting weight of sled, which may be wrong as well. I weight 180#
    D. Holy Hell!! This part crushed my soul…. 15:15.

  2. A. 10×3 @280#
    B. Started at 135# and worked up to 225#
    C. No Sled
    D. 1000m Row, 25T2B, 25 Clean 135#, 10 MU (cut for time)- 11:19

    F. Will try to do later

  3. A. Squats
    B. Clean complex: TnG (2 cleans)
    -started with 95k
    -ended with 120k

    C. Wod
    Rest 5!min
    (We had a large group not enough sleds, that’s why we started with wod. I think I would ratcheted started with sled)

  4. mickey kilmartin

    A-280 across
    B-think i did this wrong. Did pc pj sj x2 every minute
    C- sled push done
    D- 12:19- not pleased with this. Mu took way too long. Cruised through first part. Gotta work that mu weakness to death
    E- rows done
    F- bike done

  5. A. Squats done at 78kg (171#)
    B. Did 2 cleans..Started at 55 kg (120#), ended at 78 kg (171#)
    C. Started with metcon..did this with that big group Chase mentioned
    -Rest 5-
    Sled push @ BW

  6. Squats done at 270.
    Made stupid jumps during emom! Started at 155 and worked up to 220 by minute like 6. Did 220 across from there.
    Sled push done at 185….1:57
    Metcon 13:00 flat
    Muscle ups 7/8/9/10 took me way too long.

    Bike /recovery done

    Great programming

  7. Madeline Senkosky

    Gymnastics add on AM
    A. 203
    B. Started at 143, climbed by 5#. I did what Mickey did. Two full rounds each minute. Went to 163 and then came back down to finish the EMOM. Apparently we are all dumbasses.
    D. 13:06 * MUs felt better here than in AM. Must be that they were so warm. idk.

    E. Done
    F. Landmine rows 60# instead per BP’s programming

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