Wed, 072215

Day 1 for these studs! Team Fiterniry kicks off their 2015 Cf Games season today! Tune in and be cheering them on. 

warmup add on focus for the day:

1 mile run @1:00-1:15 off your max mile pace 

20 sqt clean thrusters 155/108 *done as singles 

1k row at 70% 
A. Strict Press- 2-2-2-2 across 

B. Push Press 4-4-4-4 across

*both a & b, at heavy working sets, but something across. Athlete shoots for weight across for day 


20 cal bike (assault) 

15 hang power cleans 135/93

20 cal bike 

rest 9 min x 2 

D. emom x 20

odd: 2-4 pbar hspu (athlete specific to strict or kipping and/or heigh of pbar deficit)

even: 50m HEAVY sled drag 

E. Assistance Add on Work (those with the time)

20 tgu alternating arms; lightweight, stability focus 

3 x 12 weighted weighted GHD Situps 

200m side shuffle; each direction followed 200m backwards run

into, foam rolling lower body; ankles hips as focus 

10 thoughts on “Wed, 072215”

  1. W/u ✔ fun one
    A. 165 across
    B. 225 acOSS
    C. Rnd 1 3:00ish / rest / Rnd 2 2:45ish did those hpc grid league style fast, less then :30 was fun
    D. 2 hspu / heavy sled ✔
    E. Accessory work ✔

  2. Day 3
    Warm Up – Done, love being forced to do what I hate doing.

    You all have to promise not to laugh out loud at me and my putrid upper body strength…
    A. Done @130
    B. Done @185
    C + D. I will have to do tomorrow due to time constraints and lack of AAB. I will let you know how it goes.

  3. Warm up done

    Strict press 115

    Push press 185

    2 mins 20 seconds roughly on both assault bike/hpc drills

    Emom done
    Pbar with 2 ab mats/ 2 kipping each round
    Sled pulls done with red sled w/2 45’s

  4. Warm Up
    A. Strict press
    B. Push press
    C. Sprints
    P-bar hspus: 2 strict + 2 kipping

  5. mickey kilmartin

    A- warmup done
    B- strict press worked up to 185 misread
    C- push press 225
    D- 2:09/2:13 had to use rower no bike at gym- second time woulda been quicker
    But had a strap issue for last row
    E- emotm done
    4 strict pbar hspu UB every round
    Pulled 250 pounds on sled
    F- accessory work done

  6. Madeline Senkosky

    A. @103#

    B. @143#

    20 cal bike (assault)

    15 hang power cleans 135/93

    20 cal bike

    rest 9 min x 2

    Round one: 3:07/3:12

    Total time: 15:22

    D. emom x 20

    odd: 2 for first 10:00, moved on to 3s for last 10:00 because it was too easy. Kipping but to one AbMat

    even: 50m HEAVY sled drag @60# should’ve gone heavier but just moved AFAP.
    Gymnastics/enduro add ons to wrap up.

  7. Warm up done- sucked bad.
    A. Across @165
    B. Across @185 (was feeling a bit off)
    C. Did 20 HPC my first round by accident
    30 cal AirDyne
    20/15 HPC 135#
    30 cal AirDyne
    =3:40; 3:26
    D. Will complete assistance work/ mobility later.

  8. Warmup- done

    A. 4×2 @ 140#

    B. 4.4 @ 185#

    C. 3:15 & 2:50
    Using an Airdyne. Wasn’t sure of conversion so I played with it. Rd1 did 30cal both times, 1st set of cals took 1:00. 2rd did 25cal both times, 1st set of cals took :47.

    D. Completed
    PBar deficit was 4 inches, kipped
    Sled was 225# total

  9. Warm up..done
    A. Strict press: 100#
    B. Push press: 138#
    C. 4:14/4:26…the bike and I are not friends
    D. Ran short on time so couldn’t complete

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