Tuesday, 072115

Tune into ESPN 3 to watch Lynn today!

Warmup focus:

10 min on bike @70-80%

3 rds 

10 KB SqT cleans

200m fwd run

200m backward run

1 leg less rope climb 
A. Back SqT – 6 x 4 across 80-85%. Resting 2 min exact between sets 

B. Clean Pull x 1 x 10 @100% of max clean – every :60 

C. Hold On !!!!

20 c2b

500m row

20 c2b


20 c2b

*<5:30/6:00 is goal  *as unbroken 

D. Assistance Work : 4 rds NFT

8 plate oh Tri ext

10 weighted back ext (heavier side)

30′ waiters carry (each arm)

12 thoughts on “Tuesday, 072115”

  1. Warm up..done
    A. Done at 195#
    B. Done at 200#
    C. 6:40 (all unbroken)
    D. Accessory work..done

  2. Whew! Day 2!

    Warm Up – Done (I’m glad I’m actually warming up. I don’t normally spend the right amount of time to warm up properly, but this is a new year!)

    A. Done @325
    B. Done @345
    C. 5:49 (UB/UB/10/5/5…if I wasn’t so much of a bitch right now I would’ve completed under the 5:30…)
    D. Done – Going to be doing LOTS of scap work this year so I can avoid shoulder surgery

  3. Warm Up Complete

    A. Back SqT – Done at 275

    B. Clean Pull Done at 305

    Metcon going down after work. Can’t wait

  4. Warm up was beast again.

    A. 345
    B. Forgot/missed
    C. Just bad, couldn’t even do pull ups hands hurt so bad from mu’s
    D. ✔

    My god my virgin little hands haven’t gotten used to mu’s strong together… made for a frustrating training session.

  5. Warmup focus: DONE

    A. Back SqT – 6 x 4 @ 290#

    B. Clean Pull x 1 x 10 @ 275#

    C. 8:02, damn you C2B rhythm… I suck at C2B!!!

    D. Max MU, 13

  6. mickey kilmartin

    Rowed for ten minutes instead
    Warmup done
    Squats at320 done
    Pulls done
    Metcon 5:36 unbroken- paced row too much
    Accessory work done

  7. Warmup- done

    Back squat- 120kg
    Pulls – 120kg
    Workout- 8:13 starting to get butterfly C2B into workouts but rythym still needs work

    Accessory work- done

  8. Warm Up – complete
    WOD: 7:38 – unbroken first set, 13/7, don’t remember last set. Working on being a butterfly… It’s hard work.
    Post WOD – complete

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