Monday, 072015

2016 Phase begins 7.27 w/ Testing. Join us!

This upcoming Sat / Sunday will be “off” from programming

Regional / Open Comp Phase :
warmup wod for day: 

2k Row @2:00/2:10 (approx)

50 cal bike 


3 rds 

5 strict pullups

5 strict hspu

10 burpees 

15 air squats 
A. Snatch, rest :15, Snatch + Hang Snatch, rest :30 Snatch; build to max in this complex 

*18 min max once warm with bar for his complex 

B. SqT Clean + Thruster + Split Jerk; climb to heavy in 15 min 

C. 5 rds 

25 wall balls (20/14) to 10′

10 burpee box jump overs (24/20)

5 weighted muscle ups *unbroken still target, so weight relative to athlete. 
Assistance Work add on

4 rds – NFT

12-15 Double DB Bent over seated Rows 

15 Banded Scap Squeezes 

20 weighted situps

20 core twists with wall ball (legs off ground, torso off ground, rotating tapping ball on left and right of you. Working rotational movement)

10 thoughts on “Monday, 072015”

  1. Warmup Complete.

    A. Snatch complex; worked to 180#

    B. SqT Clean complex; climbed to 215#, felt good so took an attempt at 230#…failed thruster, lol

    C. 5 rd met-con
    Everything done unbroken, no vest on MU (could’ve and should’ve vested up)

  2. Well ladies and gents…I’m back. After wayyyy too long of a hiatus, I decided it is about time I start getting back into shape. Today marks Day 1 of real training since Regionals…and I even though this is going to be a nice easy week, I feel like I’m a CF virgin all over again.

    Warm Up = a brutal WOD for me that left me sucking wind…

    A. Snatch complex = 225
    B. Cln/Thrust/Jerk = 225
    C. 14:37………yeahhhh

  3. Back after 2 comps and a fatboy week. Had to cut this session short because of the gym being 115 degrees… For some reason air conditioning is illegal in Germany.

    Warm up WOD 3 RDS Pull up/HSPU/ Burpee/ Air Squat (No Rower or Airdyne)
    A. Snatch Complex- 205#
    B. Misread and did Cluster/ Split Jerk- 250#
    C.Did 3 Rounds with bar MU(no rings) in 11:01 and had to get the hell out or I was going to die a miserable death,
    D. Did assistance work

    I can’t wait to get back to the states and have a solid place to train so I can chase you monsters.

  4. How abut that warm up, lol

    A. 195, had more but time capped
    B. 245, same time capped
    C. 25ish something the heat was killing me
    D. ✔

  5. mickey kilmartin

    Back is feeling better. Still not getting crazy until Im sure it’s good to go.
    A-warm up done
    B- 205 failed second part at 225
    C- 245 failed thruster at 265
    D- put my pride aside today for metcon and tried to use an 8#wb between feet. Turned into a disaster but finally figured it out by last round and got them unbroken. Time was horrible- 20:24 but happy to struggle and hit that weakness.
    E- accessory work done

  6. A. Warm up WOD…done
    B. Snatch complex (138#)
    C. Sqt clean/Thruster/Split Jerk (154#)
    D. Metcon (19:39)
    E. Accessory work…done

  7. warmup wod for day Complete

    A. Snatch 185 lb

    B. SqT Clean + Thruster + Split Jerk; 215

    C. 20:05. Wore a 10lb vest for the whole WOD

  8. About time I started blogging


    Snatch – 70kg my hang snatch is better than from the floor. Foot work needs a lot of work. Knees out!
    Complex – 90kg
    Workout – 16:30 no vest
    Accessory work- done

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