Month: July 2015

Sat, 080115

   Throwback  A. 6 rds  400m Run  50′ Yolk Walk (380/300) *folks without yolks, sub in bar rack walks…set up two squat stands 50′ apart if you can. If not, be creative attacking same stiumulus, but when we repeat, make sure you do the same. Stagger start for those with limited equipment.  ***or 70/53 kb’s …

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Friday, 073115

   Michelle Sano A. Strict Press – 1RM B. 2 rds AFAP  15/12 muscle ups 10 pbar hspu (men to 1 abmat, women to 2 abmats) 25/20 cal bike Rest / recover before C (take time)  C. 500m row x 3 rest 1 min between – Go!

Wed, 072915

   A. 5k row – TT  *push this. Do not coast.  B. Assistance work:  3 rds 25 weighted sit-ups  15 plate to overhead Tri ext 20 band scap squeezes  30′ waiters carry each arm  12 reverse scap fly’s

Monday, 072715

   Congrats to Team Fiternity; placing 12th place at the 2015 CrossFit Games 2016 Phase Kicks off today. We will begin with some tests and fun workouts from the games. Plan to retest in 5. Message with any questions / concerns. Reminder: gymnastics specific and endurance specifics workouts – 3x per week will be posted …

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   Michelle Sano – Team FITERNITY This weekend…. Recovery weekend going into the beginning of the 2016 Competition Phase Have some fun, but don’t overdue it. Be fresh for Monday 

Wed, 072215

   Day 1 for these studs! Team Fiterniry kicks off their 2015 Cf Games season today! Tune in and be cheering them on.  warmup add on focus for the day: 1 mile run @1:00-1:15 off your max mile pace  20 sqt clean thrusters 155/108 *done as singles  1k row at 70%  A. Strict Press- 2-2-2-2 …

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