Saturday, 060615

All Phases

A. Snatch – up to heavy single 

B. Clean & Jerk – up to heavy single 

C. Front SqT – 2RM for the day


10 burpee touch

15 t2b

200m sandbag run

15 push-ups 

10 strict pull-ups 

E. DB SA row 6-8 reps x 4 sets each side 

F. L-Sit – accumulate 3 min

5 thoughts on “Saturday, 060615”

  1. Taylor Domengeaux

    HS= 250# (260# f)

    Clean and jerk
    HS= 310#

    Front squat
    2rm= 360#

    Amrap 15:
    4 rounds + 10 burpees
    (Used 70# KB on the run)
    *UB on the t2b, push ups, and strict pull ups

    SA DB rows
    4 x 8 @ 100#

    3 mins L-sit
    = done

  2. Kept it short and sweet today:
    A. Little breathing metcon with Nicole:
    2k row
    50 burpee box jumps
    100 dubs
    800 m run
    50 GHD sit ups
    (22 ish minutes)
    B. Snatch (heavy single)- hit 145# (5# pr)..went for 150# but couldn’t get under it fast enough
    C. BTN split jerk+split jerk (from Wednesday)- 185#

  3. mickey kilmartin

    Did pause squats from Friday today along with front squats legs Were shot after
    A-352 pause 5sec PR
    C-286 (easy) CJ failed 308 tired legs
    D-fs double 316 PR
    C- metcon 4 rounds even
    D- mu work
    E- emotm power snatch and power clean doubles worked up to 185 snatch and 225 pc

    Will do L sits and rows Sunday night after family party

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