Monday, 051815


2015 Regionals

Shifted to Ind focus + Taper

2016 Comp Phase

week 7 into 12
week 4 of 5’s
MONDAY: 1-2 sessions 
A. Push Jerk – 5rm + 2×5@90%  
B. Push Press – 5RM + 2×5@90%
C. Back SqT – 5RM + 2×5@90%
**before going for your 5RM, load 10% more than what you are going to attempt on the bar. unrack and walk out with it; hold this for :15-:20 second. Re rack, put weight back to what you are going to attempt for your 5RM and perform this 5RM set :90 seconds following the walkout
D. Bench Press – 5RM + 2×5@90%
**A-D ; build on prior weeks 
E. 12-9-6
SqT Cleans (185/123)
Muscle Ups
F.  Assistance Work 
10 min of light weight / band scap work 

13 thoughts on “Monday, 051815”

  1. Corrin Lemieux

    Jerks 5reps @ 175#
    2×5 155#

    Push press 145#
    2×5 130#

    Back squat 260# x5
    235 2×5

    Bench been using DB, labrum issues hurts using barbell lately. Just heavy 6×6 55# DB

    Will do E tomorrow. Did Saturday’s amrap yesterday with muscle ups. Giving myself a day. With the muscle ups. I got 1+ 45 reps

  2. Bar felt heavy today…

    A.) 225×3, 240×2.2.2 (womp) 205×5.5
    B.) 195×3, 205×1 (womp) 175×5.5
    C.) BS 280×5 Raw PR!!!!
    D.) Bench 215×3….. (womp)
    E.) 9:35
    D.) 3 Rounds: 400m run, 15 c2b, 5 full snatch(165) 11:55

  3. Taylor Domengeaux

    Push jerk
    5rm = 275#
    2×5 @ 250#

    Push press
    5rm= 240#
    2×5 @ 215#

    Back squat
    5rm= 385#
    2×5 @ 350#

    Bench press
    5rm = 270#
    2×5 @ 245#

    My MU station is outside and it was raining so had to change Wod.

    For time:
    Squat clean (185)
    = 5:31

    Scap work
    = iron scap (crossover symmetry)

  4. Taylor Domengeaux

    Hey man, take this as advice not dis. I would have considered myslef weak and great engine before this year. I am focusing on strength and just doing the conditioning BP puts. I would advise not throw in extra conditioning. Based on your numbers you need more work on the strength base. We can always build that engine later on. just my thoughts, take them with a grain of salt.

  5. Did Saturday’s work yesterday, today was rough.

    A. 230#
    B. Skipped for today
    C. 320#
    D. Skipped; all the benches were full
    F. 12-9-6 clean #185, dips – 5:55

  6. Thanks Taylor, I have some higher powers that asked me to jump into classes from time to time to do workouts with the general members. My focus needs to definitely be strength. Some times it’s easier for me to give up on the day and do another metcon when I feel defeated.

    With that said, back to the strength gains tomorrow!

  7. Thanks for posting! I’ve been needing a strong female to chase and to stay motivated especially with the Metcons. In turn I will post my scores but I do follow the blog a day behind. Cheers!

  8. A: push jerk 5rm- 168×4; 2×5 150
    B: push press 5rm- 155×5; 2×5 140
    C: back squat 5rm- 243×4; 2×5 218
    D: bench press 5rm- 140×4; 2×5 125
    E: 15 something. Had to scale MU volume.
    F: snow angels with 2.5# plates 3×10

    Missed the last rep on most of my sets today for the first time in this cycle. Feeling much stronger which is fun but I’m having trouble finding energy for the finishers.

  9. A-C done as 3MOM (i’m always short on time):
    A.5rm Push Jerk up to 225×4 (PR, so close to 5th), 2x5x205
    B.5rm PushPress 205×3 (spent), 2x5x165
    C.5rm BS w/walk out 315×5 (PR), 2x5x285
    D. Skipped bench
    rest~2 minutes (gasp)

    E: 12-9-6 SqClean185, MU: 15:36 – paced. i think i made
    real progress technically with both of these movements today. Goals were
    proper bar hit with every clean and no failed MU – and gymnasty
    multiple reps only with success (so i think).

  10. AM:
    A. Push Jerk – 5rm only 145 across. Shoulders were fatigued. Last week hit 165×4. 🙁
    B. Push Press – 5RM (140×3, 130). Same as last week.
    C. Back SqT – skipped bc of Hip
    But did…
    30 ea. side elevated split lunge 1/2 burpee (40# DBs)
    30 ea. side DB bulgarian split lunge (40# DBs)
    3×20 Curtsy Lunge ( 30,40,80#)
    D. Bench Press – 143 (^3# since last week)
    E. Skipped (no time in AM session)
    F. Assistance Work – scap, banded good mornings

    Assault Bike for 20 minutes (170 cals) moderate pace before dry needling PT.

  11. mickey kilmartin

    C-tried to go 355 3×5 but went 5/4-1/3-2 (not a good squat day)
    D- have been benching later in week
    E- 9:09 still not super confident with MU but theyre getting better 5/4/3 4/3/2 3/3 on my sets
    F- rested 5 minutes and went into an emotm 10
    odd- 30 du
    even- 3 deficit hspu
    G- assistance work done

    Note: Strength cycle is definitely working, but I feel like some days are much better than others. Been trying to capitalize on good days and be smart on the cruddy ones.

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