Sunday, 041915

Regionals Training 


100 double unders 
50 kipping hspu
50′ front rack walking lunge. 160/100 w/ axle bar 
50 shoulder to overhead (same bar)
50′ front rack WL (same bar)
100 double unders 
A. Back SqT – 85% of recent 1RM for 1x amrap
B. Bottom Up front SqT – heavy double for the day in 12-15 min
C. 45 min row – max meters 

D. Recovery 
Team : 
A. guy / girl
100 double unders each 
100 kipping hspu 
50 front rack walking lunge 160/100 on axle 
50 shoulder to OH (same axle)
50 front rack walking lunge 
100 double unders each 
**2 axle bars set up
2nd : 
A. Same as Ind
2016 Comp Phase

3 thoughts on “Sunday, 041915”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    have to travel tomorrow so I needed to get some stuff done today which is usually my rest day. Body was not ready at all and I could feel it.

    Warm up with ladder drills and DU practice
    tried to work up to some heavy snatches and CJ. Legs and back weren’t happy with it so called it off early on.

    C- push press 6RM- 245 (5reps failed 6th) annoying but I will take it for what it is.
    -Drop sets completed

    After the strength debacle decided to just do some skill stuff and get out of the gym before I hurt myself or someone else

    D- EMOTM two parts
    1-30 ft hs walk
    2-2 rope climbs
    3-3 squat snatch 135#
    rest 2 minutes
    odd-3 MU with med ball between legs (6-8 pounds?)
    even- 20 dus

    Lesson learned. There is a reason Sunday is a rest day. Sorry body.

  2. 1st Session
    A. Guy / Girl Partner – Partners with JP
    TIME: 14:56

    2nd Session
    A. Back SqT – 85% of recent 1RM for 1x AMRAP
    102kg/226lbs (85% of 121kg/266lbs)
    REPS: 14

    B. Bottom Up front SqT – heavy double for the day in 12-15 min

    C. 45 min row – max meters
    METERS: 9,947

    Great weekend training

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