Sunday, 041215

Regional Training

500m Sandbag Run 80/60
40 cal bike 
30 Shoulder to Overhead (155/108)
20 bar facing burpees 
10 muscle ups
A. 3RM OHS – front the ground
*15 minutes 
rest 10 min 
B. 4 rds for time 
2 legless rope climbs (15’)
100m shuttle sprint 
4 Hang SqT Cleans (225/133)
100m Shuttle sprint
1st:  break into teams of 2 for the muscle ups on rings
A. OHS – 3RM from the floor
*guys one bar, girls the other etc 
**find max for the day here, but keep the cycling going through the athletes 
rest like 3 min max after all have hit their last attempt 
B. 7 min of burpee muscle ups 
*athletes rotate after 3 reps
**go 2 athlete , same gender to set of rings here
rest few min following 
C. 5 min max calories on bike 
A. Teams of 2 – guy girl 
complete 3 rds for time 
5 legless rope climbs 
100m shuttle run (both athletes have to run)
5 legless rope climbs
100m shuttle (both athletes have to run)
15 Hang SqT Cleans (225/133)
100 double unders 
B. Athlete Specific – Individual Work 
C. Recovery work – upper and lower 
2016 Training Phase
Rest Day 

3 thoughts on “Sunday, 041215”

  1. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 192# in ohs from the floor 
    B. 14 burpee MUs in 7:00
    C. 60 cals 
    A. Capped. Was in second set of third round of rope climbs. The positive is that it exposed another weakness that I’ll destroy before regionals. Kellie and Shannon destroyed that. Proud of you two.
    B. Kip on rope & 5k row. 
    C. Stretch and recover. 

  2. 2nd:
    A. 148#
    B. 12:38
    A. Didnt have a sandbag so just ran the 500 m and subbed bike for rower- 12:56

  3. AM Session
    A. OHS – 3RM from the floor
    75kg/165lbs – power cleaned all from floor
    77kg/170lbs x 2… super close to 3… next time!

    B. 7 min of Burpee Muscle Ups – Partners with Kel
    Rounds: 14 +1 (felt good. used kip on last one)

    C. 5 min max calories on bike
    Calories: 47

    PM Session
    A. Teams of 2 – Same gender- Partners with Kel
    Rounds: 93 double unders short of completing

    B. Recovery Work
    -15k Recovery Row with Maddie in THE SUNSHINNNE – Rowed around 2:20-2:25. Took about 23 mins or so
    -Laid in the sun with the girls and Justin while Nick and Stephen did bicep curls….. in their tanks.

    Really fun weekend!

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