Saturday, 041115

Regionals Training 

A. Complex: 3 TnG Power Cleans + 2 Shoulder to Overhead; build to max in 15-18 min 
B. Split Jerk (front) – Climb to 1RM – from rack 
C. 3 pullups + 2 c2b + 1 bar muscle up 
Every 3 min perform. But every additional set add 1 rep to each. So 4/3/2, then 5/4/3. 6/5/4 etc. Have fun and push training partners.  Scale accordingly per athletes etc. 
1 min sprint on bike 
5 min @50-60% with mask on 
1 min off bike with mask 
x 3
A. 50’s from last year
50 cal row 
50 box jump overs (24/20) *move box like regionals last year 
50 deadlifts (move bar every 10) 180-120
50 wall balls
50 ring dips *think same standard, especially those heading to Regionals. Hold yourself to very strict standard here. 
50 wall balls 
50 deadlifts 
50 box jump overs 
50 cal Row 
Time Cap: 21 min 
B. 10 min on rower/bike @50-60% – recovery (immediately following the 50s)
A. Complex
B. Split Jerk
C. Same complex 
D. bike Sprints 
A. Guy / Girl Partner 
50 Cal Row (each), * 1 goes then the next. you choose who goes first 
50 box jumps overs 
50 Synchronized Deadlifts (185/123) *pause at top together 
100 Wall Balls (20/14)
400m run (1x 80lb sandbag + 70lb KB) *either can carry either object 
100 wall balls
50 synchronized DL
50 box jump overs
50 cal row each 
max l sit hold 
1 min weighted plank hold
rest 2-3 min and repeat x 4
2016 Training – Comp Phase 
A. Snatch – Hit 10-12 singles between 80-90%
B. Clean & Jerk – Same as above
C. Front SqT – climb to 2RM 
D. Weighted Pullups – 3RM with lower volume so make smart jumps and establish a heavy 3 rep for the day 
E. 5 x 10 C2B Unbroken; not going for crazy time, but perfect, smooth , efficient sets of 10 here
F. Plate Overhead extensions 5 sets of 8-12 reps (heavy)
G. DB Hamer Curls 8-10 reps x 4 sets, HEAVY , no swinging, strict arm movement
H. @70-80%
1 mile run 
1600m row 
1 mile run

7 thoughts on “Saturday, 041115”

  1. A.) 11 reps between 180-202.5
    B.) 9 reps between 215-240
    C.) 2RM 255 raw ….then PRed my 1RM at 330 with belt and wraps….
    D.) Did the Wod: 19:16… my calves can’t handle the runs after long winter

  2. A. 105# 85% got 8 singles in..felt good tried to increase weight…fail
    B.150# 85% got 12 singles Nice clean movement felt good.
    C.175# tried 185# got 1 rep
    D. 25# for 3, 28.5#for 2
    E. Complete…butterflies felt good
    F. done 25#
    G. done 20#
    H. 28ish minutes..didn’t get an exact time

  3. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 198: pc 1rm was 198
    B. Was gunning for 225 today. I think I hit 210 before that? 
    C. Got to 6+5+4(but got 2 MUs). Did that twice for added volume. 
    D. 112 total. 
    A. With Stephen. We were last and I honestly can’t remember our time. I was to say 32:36? Not sure. Good to work out with him either way. 
    B. L sits: :37/:31/:30/:30
    C. Plank holds with 35#

    Super fun day overall!

  4. mickey kilmartin

    A- 117kg def pc triple pr
    B- 150kg PR
    C- finished complex set of 9-8-7 hands were getting torn up
    D- bike complete and sucked
    E- 50s regional workout crushed me. Back blew up after all deadlifts yesterday. Finished 30 deads on the way back

  5. To quote Brooks, I woke up and felt like a “bag of dicks!”
    Traveling with track team early this morning so trained at 6:30am and only had 75 min(35 of which it took to slightly warmup). My old joints hate early am sessions, lol
    A. 10×1 @ 80%, 155#
    B. 5×1 @ 80%, 200#
    H. Completed

  6. 2016 Comp phase mixed with some other work to prep for this comp
    Session 1
    A. 10 Singles from 185-235
    B. 10 Singles from 225-265
    C. 305#
    D. Didn’t test

    Session 2
    A. Plate Overhead extension- 55#
    B. DB Curls- 45#
    C. 20 Min EMOM
    Odd- AirDyne Hard
    Even- Max distance sled drag (150#) Alternating between forward/ backward drag

    Session 3
    A. 10x 2 MU focusing on efficiency and tightness (minimal rest)
    B. 25,21,18,15,12,9,6,3
    Unbroken DU
    DL #155
    Pull Ups


    First time I’ve trained with someone competitive in a while and needed a good measure to see where I was at. Feeling great about the progress I’ve seen since starting CAP.

  7. A. Complex: 3 TnG Power Cleans + 2 Shoulder to Overhead; build to max in 15-18 min

    B. Split Jerk (front) – Climb to 1RM – from rack

    C. 3 pullups + 2 c2b + 1 bar muscle up
    8, 7, 6 – got two bar muscle ups

    D. Bike Sprint
    Calories: 122

    PM Session
    A. Guy / Girl Partner WOD – Andie was my partner
    TIME: 31:17

    Max L sit hold – :between :25-:32 seconds each time
    1 Min Weighted Plank Hold – 35lbs. More like :45 each time.

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