Monday, 040515

Stay tuned for daily warmups to be added to programming starting tomorrow for cycles. These “warmups” will be skill and weakness focused. Added volume here will pay off. 

Regionals 2015 Training

A. Active Recovery preparation for the week

B.Mobility and Maintenance
Spend 40-60 minutes working on self restoration.  The key areas for a lot of us are the upper back and ankles.  So, spend 30-40 minutes on those parts and then work everything in between.  Or see a specialist for 60 minutes today.

C. Inflammation Maintenance
* This could be a lot of things, but think in terms of compression, contrast baths, salt baths, castor oil packs, etc….

D. Nutrition Preparation
* Look to prepare all your foods for this upcoming week.  Make sure everything is lined up to allow for full effort and full recovery.

E. Mental Restoration
* Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries.

Masters Qualifiers: Email in for the plan leading up to your weekend. 

2016 Opens Training 

Schedule for this phase will be Thursday / Sundays OFF/AR

*2 week build phase into Strength Phase build out of the cycle. 
**Squats with Pause, NO BOUNCING out of the hole. Pause in bottom , simply DRIVE UP; no bouncing. 
***Longer programming days, CAN be broke into 2 sessions if athlete has time and would prefer. Arguably, this can be a big benefit from an intensity stand point. 
A. Push Press – 10RM + 2×10@90%
B. Back SqTs – 10RM + 2×10@90%
C. Strict Press – 5RM + 2×5@90%
D. EMOM x 10 
odd: :15 second bike sprint 
even: Muscle Ups *weighted or banded here. . . goal is a TOUGH 3, each minute, smooth and efficient 
E.  amrap 10 @70% – sustainable moving
5 burpee touch’s 
10 wall balls 
250m Row 
F. 4 rds – assistance work 
15 weighted situps
15 Banded Scap Squeezes 
30’ waiters carry – each arm 
12-15 banded good mornings  (thicker band)

12 thoughts on “Monday, 040515”

  1. A. 195
    B. 335
    c. 145
    D. Couldnt do weighted ones
    e. 4+15+95m
    f. Done

    Felt really good to focus on strength again.

  2. mickey kilmartin

    A-225 PR
    B- 335PR had more in the tank too
    C- 185
    D- 10# weighted vest and shuttle runs with Dave
    E- 5+5 burpee over rower due to lack of space at box 25#wall ball
    F- Completed

    Good session. Wishing I went heavier on squats. Next time.

  3. A.) 165×9, 2×10@150
    B.) 245×10, 2×10@225 (WEAK Legs -.-)
    C.) 150×5, 2×5@132.5
    D.) AD and 25lb Weighted MU
    E.) 5+15, burpee over rower, 30lbs ball
    F.) Waiter Carries and Hip Extensions

  4. A. 235 had a little more in me
    B. 416 (6 pound pr from last time)
    C. 205×4
    D. Ab and #40 pounds weighted vests for muscle ups
    E. 5 + 5 burpees

    Scap work..tricep isolation work …TGU work done

  5. Ramiro Palacio

    Pr my 10rep max bs 120kg felt good
    Pr 10rep max push press 85kg
    60kg strict press for 5
    Emom use a band on my mu 3 reps each time
    Amrap 6 rounds plus 15

  6. Still feeling a bit beat up
    D.EMOMx10 (No high rings or Bike)
    3 Bar MU
    40 DU
    E. 6 + 14 (more like 80% to prep for comp)
    F. Done

  7. Joshua Rosenthal

    (PVCF old people scrub division)
    A. 135×10, 120x10x2
    B. 215X10, 195x10x2
    C. 115×4, 100x5x2
    D. D.U.x30 and assisted m.u.
    E. 3+15 (switched to 30lb w.b. after round 1)

  8. First day!

    A. 135–elbow had a bit of trouble locking out on these
    B 260
    C 120
    D 30 DU and 10# MU
    E 4 rounds exact

  9. Maggnolia DuMars

    A. 115 x 10
    B. 185 x 10
    C. 110 x 5
    D. Having trouble with one of my shoulders kipping and can barely do a full hanging strict MU, so did 2 seated strict MU instead.
    E. 4 + 15
    F. ✅
    Very excited to see what gains a whole year with PBP will bring!????????????

  10. 4/7: 10xPP:133/120 10xSq 210
    5xPress 98/88 AMRAP: 4 + 1wb (20#) accessory: sit-ups w/35#, waiters carry at 44#, GM black band

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