Saturday, 040415

1st session:

A. max weight in complex in 12 min 
12 deadlifts 
9 hang power clean 
6 shoulder to overhead 
rest 6 min 
200 double unders 
75 kb swings (70/53)
50 Cal Row 
50 HSPU (kip allowed) *new standard *apply this positionally 
75 KB goblet hold squats 
200m sled push (100m down, 100m back) *add 110#/70# to sled 
rest 1-2 hours…2 is MAX
2nd session:
A. AFAP *UB is target goal 
45 pullups
45 thrusters (95/63)
rest few minutes 
B. Front SqT – heavy triple for the day in 12 minutes 
C. DB SA Rows 8-10 reps, slow movement; very strict x 3 sets each side 
D. Band Scap work 
E. Plank Holds / hollow rocks 

15 thoughts on “Saturday, 040415”

  1. Only Able to get a morning session… family weekend.

    10-15-20-25 Thrusters (45)
    30ft HS Walk Unbroken

    A.) 3FS + 10 Alt Pistols…got 255
    B.) DT Complex 3 Atempts: 135, 155, 185
    C.) Metcon: 21:49.. 200m Run with KB

  2. A. 185#, should have opened at 205 but oh well.
    B. 17:06
    C. 3:02 all UB had to back rack thrusters 2x
    D. 325# front squat x3
    E. Did a partner workout after instead of accessory.

  3. mickey kilmartin

    A- 200#
    B- 22:25?? Hspu killed me after tabata push-ups yesterday I had zero pressing power today and dogged it on the bike at the end
    C-3:17 I think had to break up thrusters
    E-rows done and scap work done

    Body will enjoy tomorrow off

  4. 125# in complex attempted 135 and form was getting shotty so stopped.
    42 minutes in the metcon still recovering from a head cold and hspu are hard
    1.5 hour rest/recovery
    could not go unbroken (butterfly flew away)
    155# for 3 165# for 2
    accessory work completed

  5. A) 200lb
    B)23 low
    C) 3 high 4 low (I can’t count) Thrusters felt miserable
    E) Done

  6. A. 185. Missed last jerk at 205
    B 18:32

    A don’t know I blacked out def not UB
    B 315
    C done

    Feelin good!

  7. 1 Session
    A. 121#
    B. 18:53

    2 Session
    A. 3:30. Pullups unbroken and thrusters 2 sets
    B. 185×3
    C. 44# KB superset with hollow rocks, hollow holds and planks

  8. Madeline Senkosky

    A. DT: 143. Now that I have a number I know I have more. Too many sets too low. 
    B. 20:53. Slowest in HSPUs. Hoping from testing on Friday. 
    C. AFAP: 45/45
    37 pull-ups. PR on max effort pull-ups. Thought I had 45 but grip did not. Thrusters unbroken. 3:50
    D. 253
    E. Rows with 44#
    F. Core work done 
    Body feels great. Shoulders/biceps somewhat fatigued. But that’s a good thing in my book. Means working weakness. 

  9. A. DT: 69kg/132lbs
    B. 20:24. Slow in HSPU. Assuming and hoping fits from retesting 15.4
    C. AFAP – came off pull ups at 24. First time butterflying… Need to work more volume on these. Went to failure on thrusters to 32.
    D. 100kg/220lbs. Happy with this but want to build on it
    E. Rows with 44lb KB
    F. Core work done
    Upper body is feeling a tad sore and fatigued. Made up C2B AMRAP on Thursday from Weenesday, restested 15.4 on Friday. Other then that… good to go!

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