Wed, 040115

Regionals Ind + Team 
A. Strict press – 5RM + 2×5@90%
B. amrap 10 
4 burpee touch’s 
5 C2B pullups
A. Snatch Wave : …starting first triple today at 65%
B. Power Clean (blocks) – climb to heavy triple for the day 
C. 7 rds of
50’ Sled Push (heavy- but able to still run with it)
50’ Yoke Cary (heavy –  but unbroken)
D. Reverse Hyper 3 x 25 @25% of your back SqT
** Don’t have a yoke. Set up two squat stands 50′ apart. Do front rack Walks from stand to stand. HEAVY, but again, UB
2016 Season
“Phase hasn’t started”
Join some classes, play some sports, get outside, practice new skills, most importantly. . . HAVE FUN!

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  1. If our version of “Fun” is to follow the regional individual programming is that allowed or is that frowned upon? I think you know the answer I want so please give me that one…

  2. One session
    A) snatch wave

    B) strict press
    2×5 @130

    C) pc from blocks x3

    D) amrap 10
    4 burpee touch
    5 Ctb
    I suck at counting but went hard

  3. A. Strict press – 165 (hit 4 at 170)
    Then 2×5@150
    B. 22+6
    Rested 20 min
    C. Snatch wave (rested about 30
    Sec between lifts)
    175/195/210(missed then hit)
    * did 3″s and 2″s as tng
    D.power clean triples from blocks above knee – 225/235/245/250/254/260(1)
    E. 12:47 210# sled and 375# front rack walk
    F. Banded reverse hyper on GHD

  4. mickey kilmartin

    Trying to do one session a day this week:
    A- strict press x5rm
    165 two sets of 5
    B- snatch waves
    Been sticking with power snatch lately until shoulders recover from opens
    Finished at 200# then 210# was full snatch
    C-AMRAP 10
    Rest 5min
    Sled push and yoke carry (should have gone little heavier)

    D-50 du rest 1 minute x5

    No cleans today since did bunch yesterday

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    Wednesday, 4/1
    A. 5 RM strict press at 50kg (110#)
    B. 52kg for 2
    Drops at 45
    C. 15+7
    A. Snatch Wave : …starting first triple today at 65%: failed last wave at 165. Then singles at 165&167. *PR
    B. Power Clean (blocks) – climb to heavy triple for the day 176. 186 for 2. 
    C. 7 rds of
    50’ Sled Push (heavy- but able to still run with it) with 80#?
    50’ Yoke Cary (heavy –  but unbroken) with 100# for 7. 120 for one. Should’ve done more weight. 

  6. A.) Strict press 5RM 135. 120×5,5 (short on time)
    B.) 10min AMRAP 13 Rounds + 2 Burpees (working on butter c2b technique)
    C.) worked on some back rolls on pull-up bar

    A.) 165.175.185…175.185.195…185.195.205…210.215.220
    B.) Power Clean triples from blocks:
    C.) 7 Rounds of Sled Pushes at 225lbs, Front Rack holds 365x20sec
    D.) Hip Extensions 3x25reps
    E.) 10min of Free standing HS work + 10min of Free standing HSPU

  7. Nathan Kuffrey

    5rm @200 (pr)
    2×5 @185

    snatch wave:
    165 175 185
    185 195 205
    225 235 255 (not a pr but highest weight in the wave)

    Amrap: I was at 10 rounds at 5 mins then lost count

    added in 6 x 400 m run repeats with :90 sec rest

  8. One Session
    A. Snatch Wave : …starting first triple today at 65%
    – Did two sets of wave and worked more on technique
    Wave 1: 45kg, 50kg, 55kg
    Wave 2: 50kg, 55kg, 60kg
    -Missed 63kg a lot but got a “training make”….. will work on these gems 🙂

    B. Hang Power Clean– climb to heavy triple for the day (for sake of time, didn’t use blocks as others were on them)
    78kg/172lbs x 2
    75kg/165lbs x 3

    C. Strict press – 5RM + 2×5 @ 90%
    45kg/100lbs – PR by 2kg

    D. 7 Rounds
    50’ Sled Push (heavy- but able to still run with it) – 70lbs on sled
    50’ Yoke Cary (heavy – but unbroken) – 140lbs on Yoke (35 each corner)

  9. AM
    A. 88×5, 94×4 right arm wasn’t cooperating
    B. 16 rnds (I thought was 14 but Kellie had almost 16 so I’ll go with that ???? I may have forgotten to swipe my line)

    Snatch Wave. 64k PR finally! 55×3

    PC from Blocks 143×3. Blocks were little high bar was at my mid thigh hard for me to pull not very strong here.

    Sleds/Yolks – 70#/140#

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