Sat, 032115

A1. CG Deadlift x 3 @max clean x 4 sets (with speed as focus)

A2. Seated Box Jump x 2 reps x 4 sets; height at about 90% efforts. Jump higher than the box, land soft. 
B. Back Racking Walking Lunge – heavy 12 rep, alt legs in 12 min 
25 cal bike 
50 pullups
50 GHD Situps
25 cal bike 
D. Weighted Situps 3 x 20 (HEAVY)
E. 30+ min of Recovery / Mobility 
*min of 10 min on bike or rower, easy pace here, cool body down 
***Teams training together; feel free to create Team WOD; maybe follow suit on some movements and have some fun today. STAY AWAY from shoulders / triceps. .  interal external rotation (don’t overdue) and extension of the arm, MINIMIZE…avoid if at all possible. 

2 thoughts on “Sat, 032115”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    A- 15.4 run through
    B- clean grip deads 315# 4×3
    B- box jumps4x2
    C- lunges 242#x12
    D- AFAP
    25cal bike
    25 cal bike

  2. A1. Clean Grip Deadlifts 300 4×3
    A2 Seated Box Jumps 4×2
    B. Lunges x 12: 245
    C. Wod: 6:28 (50 UB Pullups PR, our air dyne doesn’t have calories…)
    D. Weighted Situps 3×20 30lbs (abs couldn’t function)
    E. Thoracic Mobility

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