Friday, 032015


A. Wake up the body. Light rows ok, but bike Prob better option. 

B. Dynamic warmup 4-6 minutes. 

C. Shoulder rotational drills , get blood flow throughout and positionally for the afternoon 

D. Mark off wall – practice hspu (low volume) + warmup the clean to low volume but at the weight of this afternoon 




Back SqT – Emom x 10 x 3 reps @60%

Rest 5 min 

10 min climbing in heavy doubles 


10 min on bike :20 on hard :40 on easy 

1 thought on “Friday, 032015”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    A-10 Emtom squats completed 245#
    B- squat double worked up to 360 and called it there
    C- hspu practice
    D- rowing 20 hard 40 easy
    100+m per 20 seconds
    E- mobility and recovery

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