Saturday, 031415

A.  Close Grip Bench Press – Build to 3RM + 1×3@90%

B. Body weight strict pullups x 3 max sets : rest 2:30 between 

C.  500m row x 7; rest 2 min  *high % aerobic efforts here. Find that place 

D. Upper Gymnastics Skill Work – 10 min.  Gymnastics studs , get creative 

E. 5 rds – NFT 

12-15 rear band Scap squeezes 

10-12 good mornings light weight 

30′ waiters carry each arm 

15 weighted Situps 

30′ Samson lounge stretch 

3 thoughts on “Saturday, 031415”

  1. A. CGBP: 110#x3 + 100#x3
    B. Strict Press: 85#x3 + 75#x3
    C. Strict Pullups: 6 (chin up), 6 (switch grip), 5 (switch grip)

  2. mickey kilmartin

    A- did bench this week already so changed it up a bit and did close grip 3rm with pause on chest
    275 then 90% at 250
    B- strict pull-ups
    C- row repeats
    1:48(warmup after 2 hr drive to ny)
    Tried for negative splits first 5 rounds
    D- completed
    E- will do gymnastic stuff tomorrow to move body around

  3. A. 255# went to 270# and failed my 3rd rep then 235×3
    B. Strict pullups 27/18/18
    C. 1:47.6/1:47.4/1:46.4×4/1:42.9
    D. Gymnastics work did some HS walk work and got 3 back uprises linked together plus a back roll to support!
    E. Gonna do accessory Tm

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