Wed, 031115

A. Front SqT – 80% for 4×3
B1. Sled Pulls 30-40’ pulls x 5; ascending in weight
*rope to sled in perfect world…can attach rings straps to something, get creative if you don’t have the equipment currently.
B2. Triple Bounding ; ascending in height 
C. Yoke Walk; 30-40’ walks x 5 HEAVY walks, ascending; rest 2-3 min 
3 rds – unbroken stations; but walking to and from, nice pace; WARMING UP
15 wall balls 
15 GHD Situps
30′ OH walking lunge (95/63)
30′ HS walk
rest 1 min between rds 
A. amrap 20 @70-80%
300m Row 
20 cal Bike
30 UB double Unders 
60’ Farmers Carry 
rest 10-20 min 
B. 400m Run x 5 ; rest 1:30 between . . . smooth consistent, getting the legs going for running again. 
C. OH Stability Recovery – 7-10 min 
D. Recovery ; foam rolling, band work etc 

6 thoughts on “Wed, 031115”

  1. AM
    A. Front squats at 290#
    B. sled pulls increased each set used ring straps to pull
    B1. worked up to about 35″ on the bounding jumps. Used pvc pipes on boxes.
    C. Did front rack walks at 385×1, then 405×4.
    E. Pm warmup done UB at casual pace.

  2. AM
    A. FS @ 270#
    B. Sled pulls with rope (actually did rope pull) worked up to 250ish?
    B2. Complete
    C. Not enough space in the facility used today.

    WU done
    A. 5+ 139m Row (Did 10 Burpees AFAP, no bike anymore)
    B. 1:21, 1:17, 1:11, 1:22, 1:21
    C. Done
    B. Done

  3. PM
    A. No clue how many rounds
    B. All runs under or around 1:30. New to the area and we have this nasty uphill.
    C. Stability done

  4. Madeline Senkosky

    A. FS @ 218
    B1. 160 on make shift ring strap sled
    B2. 28″. My butt hits when I jump over. Screws everything up. 
    C. Front rack walk: 273/283/303/303

    B. Did running intervals first: 1:40/1:36/1:40/1:40/1:42
    Used my phone so not to the second
    Warmup done 
    A. 4+302, 70#s farmers carry

  5. mickey kilmartin

    Morning session
    A- emotm x5 2 fs at 260#
    B- push press 3×3 215
    C- scap work

    Afternoon session
    A- snatch pulls 4×1 255#
    B- snatch plus hang snatch
    Worked up to 175# shoulders felt like garbage. Overhead position was shot.
    C- map training
    7 AMRAP
    10 cal row
    20 du
    30ft oh lunge 135
    Rest 4
    7 AMRAP
    3 strict hspu
    1 legless rope climb
    10 ghd sit-up

    D- row 10 minutes at 2:10 pace with mask

  6. Warm Up – Complete
    3 Rounds – unbroken stations; but walking to and from, nice pace; WARMING UP

    A. Front SqT – 80% for 4×3
    85kgs/187lbs (80% of 106kg/233lbs)

    B. AMRAP 20 @ 70%
    ROUNDS: 4 + 300m Row with 70# Farmers Carry

    C. OH Stability Recovery – 7-10 min
    1.) 10 x 30′ walks with 45lb bar overhead. Focused on tight core and neutral back
    2.) Handstand hold practice

    D. Recovery; foam rolled upper back

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