Wed, 030415

A. EMOM x 10 x 2 tng Power Snatch’s @65% ish
B. 10 min to climb to heavy – quality – single Overhead SqT 
C. Fwd Bounding – 10  min of Triple jumps (over)
D. 2k row @ 2:05/2:15 pace 

A. Complex:  Power Clean + Push Press + Hang SqT Clean + Push Jerk + TnG SqT Clean + Split Jerk; climb to heavy in this complex in 18 minutes 
B. 3 rds 
20 wall balls (20/14 to 10′)
15 burpee touch’s 
10 KB single arm sqt Cleans (alt arms) (70/53)
5 bar muscle ups
rest 1 min between rds 
C. 30 min MINIMUM recovery 

Assistance Work : to be added am or pm depending on your schedule
A. DB SA Row 6-8 reps x 4 sets each side. sec pause on  concentric 
B. :20-:30 L-Sit Holds from Rig x 3-4 sets
C. Banded Side Step work   30′ sections x 4x each direction (lighter bands)

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  1. Brandon Petersen

    Any hand issues today, be smart on the bar muscle ups. Tone down reps or r even eliminate if you are having any hand issues

  2. mickey kilmartin

    Morning session
    A- front squat triple
    310# PR (don’t laugh chase and Jp and brooks)
    B- RDL clean grip 155 focus eccentric
    C- 10 min bike cool down

  3. Did one session in a bit of a different format; didn’t do OHS since I did the heavy triple yesterday.
    A. Power Snatch EMOMx10 #145
    B. Clean complex- 225# didn’t feel great so worked up slow.
    C. 3 rounds 3:39/4:07/ 4:16
    D. Accessory work
    E. Row 2K 2:05 pace throughout

    30 min recovery work, will hit more tonight.

  4. Did one session in order.
    A. 140# emom TNG
    B. 185/235/260/280/300(new pr jerk) couldn’t stabalize the for the squat
    C. Triple jumps done
    D. 2k row at 8:10(killed it again!)
    —rested 10 min
    A. Complex 135/185/225/245
    B. 2:32/2:47/2:55
    C. Accessory done

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    A. EMOM at 108#
    B. 175
    C. Done
    D. 9:08
    A. 168
    B. 2:34/2:51/3:00 *subbed Russian dips on jerk boxes; trying to save hand rip
    Ca. 3 sets at :30
    Cb. 3 sets of 6 at 40#
    Cc. Done
    D. 30 on bike after I teach these teenage mutant ninja turtles

  6. A. Emom 84#
    B. Ohs 165, got 178 PR jerk but then think moved foot and lost bar so didn’t get to try to squat it.

    Stopped here for today knee was talking so I decided to listen for once.

  7. Pm:
    A. EMOM 10×2 tng ps @85#
    B. 10 min positional work, snatch grip split jerk, opening position overhead, very tight today
    C. Did small hurdles/ladder agility
    D. 2k @2:12 pace /21 spm

    A. Complex: fell apart very quickly. PP lasted until about 45kg, was having difficulty breathing through the whole complex so tried PC+PJ+SC+SJ and just couldn’t get the bar back on the PJ and don’t even get me started on my 63kg sc (yikes) finished with a PC+3SJ @60 kg really just trying to find my overhead position
    B. 3 rds
    20 WB
    15 Burpee touch
    10 SA kb sc 44#
    5 pullups (just happy to be back on the rig and my boobs not pop off)
    Finished rnds at 3:18, 8:12, 12:48
    C. Worked on handstands to try to again open shoulders.

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