Wed, 022515

A. Front SqT – climb to heavy single in 12 minutes ; volume is key 
B. emom x 5 x (muscle ups), low volume here, just cycle time / timing as focus 
C. Ski erg intervals @70-80% 
200-300m splits. 5-6 of them rest 1-1.5 / 1 
*those who don’t have do some row recovery intervals but at different angle than normal. <plates under year or front 
A. 4 rds @70-80%
Row 300m 
30 UB double Unders 
10 DB / Kb power cleans 55/35 (ish)
30’ lunge with Ur kb Db. Front rack position
15 t2b
30 ub DU
10 power snatch tnG 95/63
Row 300m
Rest 5 min between rds
take care of your body for as long as you have today

12 thoughts on “Wed, 022515”

  1. AM:
    A. Front squat

    B. EMOM

    C. Ski erg

    A. Only 2 rounds

    B. Reverse hyper

  2. A. Front squat – hit 355# – jumped to 370# and tried for a PR but wasn’t happening today.
    B. EMOM x 5 = 7 MU
    C. 4 Rounds – 6:12/6:00/5:50/5:52 (the double kbs were rough on the cleans)
    D. Put the rower on a 12 inch box – did 6x300m row @1:55 pace w 1:30 rest

  3. A. 263
    B. 5, 300s with 1:15 rest with 45+25# in the rear <that sounds dirty
    C. EMOM 5 with doubles. No chicken wingin
    A. 6:08/5:51(felt the wind in my sails apparently)/6:09/6:09
    Unbroken on everything. Slow and steady though. 

  4. Morning:
    A- front squat 5×1 90%
    300 across
    B- DB rows 3 second pause at top 5 reps each arm 70-80-90-100
    C- 1k row recovery

    A-EMOTM thruster at 225# for 6minutes
    B- 4 rounds
    300m row
    15 burpee over rower
    10 ohs 155#
    5 mu
    Time: 16:24
    C- ten minutes
    Odd 10 wallball 25#
    Even 10 BJ 24 inches
    Worked efficiency here cycle time

    Quads are lit up from yesterday.
    First round of metcons keep hitting my breathing hard with this chest cold I got. Went unbroken on mu and ohs in workout happy with that. Pretty sure BP is just trying to murder me before opens so i don’t do well 😉

  5. Did our class
    A. Front SqT – sneaks no sleeves no belt. Climbed up to singles at 275
    B. Comp wod – 3 rds
    * only resting 3 min between rds
    ** smooth pave

    Hitting 15.1 tomorrow night

  6. A. Front SqT – 106kg/233lbs – PR by 2lbs

    B. 4 Rounds @ 70%
    6:13 (11:13) – 6:13
    18:03 (23:03) – 6:50
    29:59 (34:59) – 6: 57
    41:39 – 6:40
    Went a true 65-70% here. My shins hurt like a mother on the double unders. Assuming from box jumps yesterday.

  7. AM
    A.)Front Squat: 200(current pr)
    Muscle Up EMOM: tried stringing two together each minute, failed on the second rah time. Having a really hard time transitioning to a non-false grip and connecting my kip with my pull.

  8. AM
    A.) Front Squat: 200(current pr)
    B.) muscle up EMOM: tried stringing two together each minute but failed on the second each time. Having a really tough time transitioning away from the false grip and connecting my kip with my pull.
    4 rounds at 70%: 44:44…might have spaced timing each individual round

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