Monday, 022315

A. EMOM x 12
1 power clean + SqT Clean + Push Jerk 65-70%  x 2 reps every minute 
B. 12 min on rower 
:30 on hard
:30 on easy 
C. Double db/kb Seated bent over Rows 10-12 reps x 4 sets 
A. Back SqT – EMOM x 6 x 1 rep  @90% (target %)
B. amrap 10
1 + 1 (snatch + ohs) x 3 @155/103
6 bar facing burpees 
9 C2B pullups 
12 Cal Row 
C. TGU – 20 rep target @ lighter KB, focus on positioning and stability 
D. Weighted Plank Hold 4 x 1 min 

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  1. PM session maybe with some adding rowing after. The AM session is simply waking the body up and some speed stuff. For Opens sessions on Mondays, I will always have am session to prep / wake the body

  2. A. EMOM – 9 minutes at 200#, 3 minutes at 210# ( way harder than it looked)
    B. Back squats done at 385#
    C. 10 min Amrap got 4+23, did all squat snatches didn’t know we could power snatch but oh well.
    D. Row :30 on :30 easy – 2,864m
    E. Accessory work done

  3. Woke up this morning, realized I feel fit as fuck!

    Looking forward to feeling this way for the next 5 weeks.

    That is all.

  4. Here you go Nate
    A. Complex
    -95 ( TnG)

    B. Rowing

    C. Bent over rows

    A. Back squat EMOM

    B. AMRAP
    -5+8 (complex x3 + 5 burpees)

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    A. EMOM x 12 @133
    B. 12 min on rower: averaged 143m a sprint
    C. Double db/kb Seated bent over Rows 10-12 reps x 4 sets @44#

    A. Back SqT – EMOM x 6 @123kg(270)
    B. amrap 10: 4+2
    D. TGU – 20 rep target @ 26#
    E. Weighted Plank Hold 4 x 1 min: 25#x3, 35#

  6. A. Clean and jerk emom @115#
    Did 2 most rounds but didn’t have breath so had do stick some single rep rounds in there
    B. Row intervals: avg 129m per 0:30 hard
    C. DB rows with 60#

    D. BS Emom 6×1 @ 190# felt GREAT
    E. Amrap 10
    Snatch + ohs x3 @95
    6 burpee over bar
    9 cal AB

    5 rounds

    F. Mobility

  7. Morning session:
    A-Single leg squats 4 sets 5 reps each
    B- scap work
    C- 10minute jog

    Afternoon session:
    A- clean+2fs+jerk
    225-245-265-285-300failed squat had no juice left but I’ll take the clean after not touching a barbell for almost a week and still not feeling 100%
    B- heavy triple dead lift
    C- AMRAP 10
    Snatch complex
    Bar burpee
    Score: 4+1
    Rest 2 minutes
    50 ttb in sets of ten for time

    I will take the 4 rounds in today’s AMRAP. Still can’t breathe well, but working through it. Didn’t push very hard in AMRAP and had to walk around class that was ongoing to get to rig for ctb. Overall I was glad to be back in the gym even if it wasn’t at 100%.

  8. After a few months of no squatting due to my knee i finally squatted today and 90% felt surprisingly good.
    Squats 90% @ 171kg
    Wod 4+1

  9. One Session PM:
    A) Done at 340 all felt relatively easy
    B) 4+9 (3 Complex+ 6 burpees)

  10. One session tonight :

    A. Emom x 12 – did it at 96kg to one up Chase and was horrid. Last min did at 100kg. All tng reps, no pause anywhere.

    B. WOD
    4 rds even
    *moved well. Singles on barbell and didn’t Rush it. Shoulder not good with that so; took easy.


    C block work – power cleans high blocks. Working speed stuff

  11. BS – 98k felt good to do 90%

    Amrap 10
    3+3. I like to spend all my time at the “bar” 🙁 spent a little time snatching after.

    TGU 35# used 40# DB for last few sets.

    Emom 7
    10 wall balls
    10 rebounding box jumps

    15 min recover AB with Mask

  12. I did a mix of the am and pm
    Back squat emom i felt good form fetl good 130kg was my 90%
    On wod i got 3 full rounds i was happy to be able to move the weight. All other movements were a breeze to me snatches definitely slowed mr down.
    I finished with the complex emom working my push jerk technique little by little getting better

  13. Emom: used 150lbs.. made it through 8 minutes, but my back was really bothering me so I stopped.

    Bike: :30 hard, :30 easy

    Back squat emom: went lighter than 90.. 242.

    Wod: did hang power snatch instead of the snatch + ohs. Finished 5 rounds plus 8 reps.

    Core accessory work

  14. One Session
    A. Back SqT – EMOM x 6 x 1 rep @90%
    109kg/239lbs (90% of 121kg/266lbs)

    B. AMRAP 10
    ROUNDS: 4

    C. 1 Power Clean + SqT Clean + Push Jerk 65-70% x 2 reps every 2 minutes (supposed to be EMOM but did after workout instead of before)
    57kg/126lbs (70% of 180lbs…. 1RM of last tested Push Jerk of 176lbs… rounded up to 180lbs)

    D. Double DB Seated bent over Rows 12 reps x 4 sets – 30lbs each hand

    E. 6 min on rower
    :30 on hard (1:54-1:57)
    :30 on easy

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