Tuesday, 021715

A. Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift – Climb to heavy tnG Double; Back/hips stay same angle as snatch or you stop here. Its not much how much you can move today, its snatch grip, statch positions throughout and with no grips 
B. 10 min Bike – max calories; go after this folks! 
C. 10 x 3; strict pullups; ascending
D. DB SA Row 6-8 reps each side (twist at top, really extend that body) x 4 sets each side 
E. Yoke Walk – HEAVY x 30′ x 5 
F. Reverse Hyper 3-4 sets of 20-25 reps at 40+% of your BS 1RM
*those who can’t sub out 6-8 reps good mornings , seated x 4-5 sets 

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, 021715”

  1. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift – 195#
    B. 10 min Bike – 118
    C. 10 x 3; strict pullups; ascending – Worked up by 2.5 to 20#
    D. DB SA Row 6 reps each side x 4 sets each side @40#
    E. Yoke Walk – HEAVY x 30′ x 5 Doing tonight with Tasia.
    F. 8 reps good mornings, seated x 4 sets
    Rowing and Muscle Ups tonight.

  2. A.100kx2 deficit
    B. 101 cal. Finally. Only took 5 try’s to make it to 100
    C. 10×3 last set being 27.5lbs
    D. Done
    E. Yoke+ 80k.
    D. Done

  3. A. Snatch DL

    B. Bike
    (16 less than previous)
    May have been overwhelmed with Mickey make a surprise appearance

    C. Pull-ups

    D. Yoke walks

  4. Snatch DL – 194#x2 lost back a bit so stopped but def a PR

    AD – 97 cal. Little girl struggles but last time got 89 so improvement.

    Pullups – worked up to 27# should do more but seem weaker here.

    PM session at home later.

  5. Snatch dl- 140
    Bike- 144 wayyyyy harder than AD
    pull-ups- finished at 98#
    Yoke carries- done
    Dumbell rows- done

    Happy to see the free nation today

  6. Snatch DL:
    Assault Bike: 164 cals
    Pullups: did with no weight didn’t want to aggravate my bicep
    DB rows done
    good mornings done

  7. A) 305
    B) Heavy single HBBS with 3 sec pause
    stopped at 315
    C) No bike sub interval rows which was foolish based on tomorrow
    4x500m with 2:45 rest
    D) Strict Pull ups done
    E) DB rows done

  8. A. Snatch Grip DL: 95kg
    B. Bike: 105 Calories
    C. Pull Ups: 36lbs
    D. DB Rows – complete w/35lbs
    E. Reverse Hyper – complete
    F. Yoke Walks…. Woof. Complete with 60kg. First time doing these.

  9. A. Snatch grip dl = 310# on 1 plate
    B. 10 min bike AD SCHWINN – 353 cals – 10 cal PR
    C. All sets done at 95#
    D. Db rows done at 70#
    E. Yoke walks done w barbell in front rack sets done at 365/365/385/395/405
    F. Did seated goodmornings screwed up though did 25 reps w 65# for 3 sets.

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