Monday, 021615

A. OHS – build to 5RM
B. OHS – build to heavy triple, double and single 
**smart jumps on A&B, don’t spend more than 25-30 minutes on this set. Rest accordingly, warmup well and gain those positions. Get weight stabilized here and build on it! 
C. 2k Row @60-70%; recovery with 
A. Back SqT – climb to heavy single attempt (relative to the day)
+ 3 x 6 @70%
30 bar facing burpees 
30 Snatch’s (135/93)
30 bar facing burpees 
30 Clean and Jerks (135/93)
30 bar facing burpees 
C.4 rds 
15 band scap squeezes 
10-12 DB/KB double arm seated bent over row
15 DB Weighted situps (heavy)

23 thoughts on “Monday, 021615”

  1. Wod- 13:36
    5RM OHS 245
    3RM 275
    Went for 295 for the 2 RM but failed. Stopped here cause my elbow was whack and a class was starting.

    10 min cool down on bike

  2. Taylor Domengeaux

    5RM OHS
    = 275#

    Emom x 12:
    Min 1: Max DUs
    Min 2,3,4: 7 thrusters(95) + 5 burpees
    Min 5,6,7: 7 thrusters(115) + 5 Burpees
    Min 8,9,10: 7 thrusters(135) + 5 Burpees
    Min 11,12: max DUs

    This was CrossFit Thin Airs programming. Wow at 9,000ft the lactic acid hits SO HARD!!

    Every :30 for 5 min:
    7 c2b

    Slopes for the rest of the day!

  3. AM:
    A. Ski erg 1k

    B. 2k row

    A. Back squat: heavy single
    -225 fail

    B. WOD

    C. Recovery

  4. A. 205 had plenty more for 5 rm should hAve gone more
    B. 265 triple (was my single attempt and was locked in felt good)
    285 single!!
    C. Done

    a. 385 felt weak For single
    b. 18:35
    C. Done

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    A. OHS – 5RM @ 193
    B. OHS – build to heavy triple, double and single: 198 for 3, 203 for 2, 213 for 1RM
    *20# PR
    C. 2k Row Done

    A. Back SqT @ 293# *PR at this bodyweight, LOL.
    + 3 x 6 @70% @ 203#
    B. AFAP 12:31 *I black out…. who knows if this is accurate. I was by myself.
    C. 4 rds
    15 band scap squeezes
    10-12 DB/KB double arm seated bent over row @ 35#
    15 DB Weighted situps (heavy) @40#

  6. First session later afternoon:
    A. WOD from pm session
    Time- 12:20.
    *snatches were toughest for me. Cycle was off badly. Going to work on that
    B. Scap work – shoulder not liking me

    Going to squat and row later

  7. First day back since i caught the flu last week. Did class today
    5 rm ohs for the day worked up to 225 focused on positioning and movement
    Wod same: 15:22. Breathing got me since im still comgested. It was great to be back

  8. A. OHS 5rm 155 3rm 175 couldnt stabilize the bar any higher
    B. Back squat heavy 205, 155 3×6
    C. 13:35 wod

  9. OHS: I f******* suck
    225 x5
    255 fail for 2
    275 fail for 1

    Back squat 475 wasnt bad decided not to go up any higher
    3×6 @ 325

    Wod: 11:05

  10. 1.) O.H.S: (25-30min)

    5 @ 205#
    3 @ 240#
    2 @ 270#
    1 @ 280#

    Previous 1 rep was 235#, been working on shoulder mobility a lot, and was able to get my grip more narrow which resulted in these massive PRS…270# and 280# were also behng the neck push press PRS

    2.) For time:
    30 bar facing burpees
    30 snatches 135#
    30 bar facing burpees
    30 c+j 135#
    30 bar facing burpees

    14:55, started out a little too hot which hurt me. Mentally weak on the c+j as well, tough wod!

    3.) Back squat:
    Heavy single

    385#, 413# F

    4.) 10 min recovery on assault bike

  11. Can’t squat right now..

    2k row
    Wod- 15:51. Burpees are hard for me and snatches were very off today.

    Recovery work

    Tried some split squats with KB as well to try and get some legs in.

  12. Progress!! slow and steady sir. small improvements = a big deal with positioning and overhead stuff. keep the right mindset and move fwd

  13. One Session
    A) OHS
    Triple: 225,255
    Double: 275
    Single: 295, 305 (5lb pr), 315 fail

    B) Heavy Backsquat
    315,335,355, 370 fail
    2×6 @255

    C) Isabel+grace metcon
    15:32 fell apart on grace quads and calves were blown up

    D) Gyms wod for the day
    pull ups
    Couldn’t have gone any faster everything was unbroken with zero transition time

    E) Tabata L-sits for 10 rounds

  14. PM
    103k / 227#. 1RM prior to knee injury is 240. Working my way back.
    Wod 16:11. Snatches are my enemy. Need to learn to go faster.

  15. AM
    A. OHS 5RM: 63kg/138lbs
    B. 3RM – 70kg/154lbs, 2RM – 75kg/165lbs – felt good, 1RM – failed old 1RM at 80kg from the jerk
    C. 2k Row – Complete
    A. 1RM Back squat 121kg/266lbs – PR by 2lbs
    3 x 6 drop sets at 85kg/186lbs
    B. 14:44 – snatches were no bueno today. Silly things.
    C. Complete
    D. Added in core work with GHDs, TGUs, and waiter’s carries. Did 4×5 muscle ups

  16. a. 5RM OHS 205#, 3RM @ 215#, 2RM 225#, 1RM 230#
    b. Back Squat heavy single 325#, 3×6 @ 225#
    c. Metcon: 14:56. Snatches took me longer than expected

  17. A. 5rm = 255#, 3rm=265#, 2rm=280#, 1rm=290# (failed 728962 times trying to jerk 300#)
    B. squat = 425, jumped to 440# and got smushed (was feeling good went for it) then 3×6@300#
    C. Metcon = 12:55
    D. 2k row done @8:10
    E. accessory done

  18. Hey everyone, just an update here as I didn’t want to fall off the face of the earth all of the sudden. I found out today I have a torn labrum in both my left and right shoulders. I need surgery only on the left so thats a positive. In the end just wanted to thank everyone for posting and its been a awesome being able to hit the same programming as everyone here. Thank you BP for the excellent programming as well, definitely had a ton of fun. Also thank you to Mike Abgarian for being my training partner every day, you’re the man! This isn’t the end for me by an means, I will come back stronger and more ready to get after it than ever. Down but never out.

  19. I think it happened back in May of last year, finding a 1rm OHS. Since then it’s always been a little off but never any real issues until as of recent. I decided to get it checked out and sure enough that’s how it came back. Also going to have to get surgery for a full repair. Just going to get it done with so I can continue training asap.

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