Saturday, 021515

A. SqT Clean – heavy triple, heavy double, heavy single ; relative to the day
*spend 20 min once warmed up here – be smart. It’s been a long week. Max # not target of any. Think speed, footwork, timing etc
B. Teams of 2
5 min max calories on bike – switch whenever; max calories win


C. Teams of 2
2500m row (swap every 250)
250 double unders
2500m row (swap every 250)
D. HS Hold – shoulder health and positioning is goal here
E. 10 min of Scap work – rotator strengthening
F. Athlete specific core work

8 thoughts on “Saturday, 021515”

  1. Taylor Domengeaux

    Running work:
    5 mins downhill sustainable pace.
    5 mins to get back where I started up hill

    Amrap 10:
    30 DUs
    15 Burpees
    *on the porch of the cabin

    Now off to the slopes. Going to do some tabata clapping push ups and HS holds tonight when I get back.

  2. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Triples at 209 (95kg). Doubles at 220 (100kg). Single at 227 (103kg).  Single 231 (105kg). *PR
    B. 85 cals with Lynn
    C. 22:02 with Kel.

  3. A. 275 lb for a heavy triple for the day/315 lb for a heavy double for the day/failed 350 lb for a heavy single today
    B. Airdyne bike. :40 sec sprint x 5 rest 3:30.
    C. Emom 14 minutes
    Odd 17 cal row
    Even (-2) strict hspu
    -16/10/9/10/8/10/10= 73 total

  4. A. 3 @ 285#
    2 @ 301#
    1 @ 317#
    B. Done. 290 cals.
    C. Done. 18:57 lost a lot of time transitioning.

  5. Little tired from yesterday but worked out anyway on what is usually my rest day
    A- clean clusters 1.1.1 15 sec rest
    Finished at 280-285-290
    B- strict press + push pressx3 + push jerkx3+ split jerkx3
    Finished at 200#
    C- 15 min AMRAP
    15 kb swing 70#
    15 BJ 30inches
    Score: 9+2
    D- strict mu work
    E- AD intervals

    AMRAP was rough. Definite mental struggle after competing yesterday. Body is not used to working out on Sundays and I could feel it mentally and physically.

  6. A. 281# triple tng(PR), 291# double TNG (pr), 295# single
    B. 19:29 w partner row and doubles
    C. 253 cals on SCHWINN
    D. Parallete HS holds + MU hspu

  7. Sundays Work; Trying to get leg strength to come back a bit

    Front SqT
    100×5 110×5 120×5 130×3 135×1

    drop to 110 x 3 x 2 sets

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