Friday, 021315

A. Row 500m x 4-5 @80-90% ; rest 3 min  (wake up the body)
B. Power Snatch + Snatch Balance + Ohs x 2; build to heavy in this complex 
*1 power snatch + 1 snatch balance (re rack it) + 2 overhead squats, done
C. 10 rds AFAP
7 Cal AB
1 legless rope climb
60 bar facing burpees
30 OHS (120/90)
10 Muscle Ups
B. Push Press x 2 + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; build to max in 12 min 
C. Back SqT – climb to heavy single with 3 second pause in hole; no bounce, just power out 
D. Scap / Recovery Work for tomorrow 

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  1. Taylor Domengeaux

    Snatch complex
    = 215 no misses stopped there

    Amrap 10
    = 164 reps

    Push press /jerk complex
    = 225 stopped there no misses

    Back squat w/ pause
    = 375#

    Working out today was strange. I figured out why Thursday’s are reat days real quick 🙂

  2. One session
    Snatch complex- 205 and stopped
    Push press/ Jerk complex- 245
    Pause squat- 330
    10 min AMRAP-163 reps
    5 rounds
    7 cal row/ 1 legless rope climb

  3. AM:
    A. Rows

    B. Snatch complex

    C. 10 rounds rope climbs/ AB

    A. AMRAP 10
    – 148 reps

    B. Press complex

    C. Back squat w/pause

    D. Scap work

  4. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Done 
    B. Worked up to 148. 10# PR on my power snatch
    C. Did 6 legless. Last four had zero pull. Tried testing longer to see if that would help. Didn’t. Ended up “pulling” as much as I could and then locked in feet. Disaster 17:33

    A. 95 reps
    B. 154
    C. 281(128kg)

  5. A. Back SqT. 5 singles at 315 with 5 sec pauSe. Went no belt no knee sleeves and lighter for some weight body is smoked from not taking rest day
    B. AMRAP 10 opens wod

  6. Morning session:
    A- 50 burpee touches for time
    B- one rep back squat go heavy not max
    C- 3×3 320
    D- scap work
    E- bike recovery

    Afternoon session:
    A- 5rm hang power snatch
    185 PR
    B- 10 minute AMRAP
    143 reps
    Decent score but not really happy considering I cruised through burpees and ohs and hit a snag during muscle ups. Broke up into 3-3-2-2. Should have gotten back to the burpees much faster. Still working on those Damn muscle ups.
    C- every 2 minutes for ten minutes do
    30 du and 3 mu

  7. A.M
    1.) 500m row repeats done, worked technique
    2.) Snatch complex up to 185#, stopped here the power game was not there today

    1.) Amrap 10: 141 reps, PR for this wod but need to work on transitions.

    2.) Press/jerk complex up to 225#, arm was a little irritated at this point so left it.

    3.) Back squat 1RM w/3 sec pause hit 355#, 370# fail

    4.) 10rds:
    7 cal bike
    5 strict pull-ups

    9:18, subbed this since any type of rope climb kills my arms

  8. Friday
    A. Row 500m x 4-5
    1:45 avg

    B. Power Snatch + Snatch Balance + Ohs x 2

    A. AMRAP 10
    60 bar facing burpees
    30 OHS (120/90)
    10 Muscle Ups

    B. Push Press x 2 + Push Jerk + Split Jerk
    C. Back SqT – with 3 second pause

  9. Complex 75kg pr for power snatch
    10min amrap 1full round plus 28 burpees could’ve get high 30s but i was stopping every 10reps to keep track of my reps.

  10. Row 500 m x4 @1:50 pace.
    10 min Amrap- 151 reps

    – Because I’m an idiot and didn’t take a day off my body feels terrible. Attempted to squat, that wasn’t gonna go well. So, did bands and recovery and went home. Now at work. Joy.

  11. A. Row done kept under 1:45
    B. 195 stopped for safety
    C. 9:55 on the legless
    a. 96, my rings suck uneasily thinK inxoukd have gotten back to burpeeS. I messed up my counting and Maggie thinks I did 70ish burpees. Ohs felt great 20, 10 had over 2 minutes to do mus…..
    B. Press feltgood. Worked up to 225
    C. 405 happy after the week we have had.
    D. Done
    Fun session .

  12. A. Snatch Complex: 55kg/121lbs
    B. Push Press Complex: 65kg/143lbs
    C. Back Squat: 105kg/231lbs
    D. AMRAP 10 Burpee/OHS/MU: 117 reps

  13. One session
    A. Done. Avg roughly 1:42/ 500m
    B. 195# PR. Power snatch, snatch balance, 2 ohs
    C. 365#x 1 3 sec. pause backsquat
    D. Done on rower instead. Total time was around 10:00
    E. 225#. Push press x2, push jerk, split jerk complex
    F. 121 reps
    G. Crossover symmetry

  14. I always read your lift numbers as pounds then say wtf is with that weak noise. Then I remember your ass is built like an F150.

  15. A. 1:46-1:49 x 4 rows
    B. 205# kept squatting at 210# my power lifts stink.
    C. 8:11 we did 7 cals on the rower each rd only 1 AD

    A. 161 reps
    B. 250# push press complex
    C. 375# back squat
    D. Crossover symmetry

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