Saturday, 020715

A-Session is launching their first product soon! Weightlifters (and CrossFitters) stay tuned!
A. 5 bar lateral burpees + 20 double unders + Hang Snatch + TnG Snatch – Ladder 
every :90 or so ; til you hit max. Start ladder approx 65% climbing by 5-10lbs at a time 
B. Afap – Go Go Go!
20 hspu 
30 bar lateral Burpees 
40 front squats (135/93
Rest / recovery 
C. For time: 
50 Russian kb swings 70/53
500m row 
40 alt kb lunges (hold in goblet) 70/53
40 box jumps (24/20)
300m row 
30 Shoulder to OH with KB (swapping every 5 reps with KB)
20 cal bike 
20 kb Cleans (alt arms)
100 double unders 
10 Burpee muscle ups 

13 thoughts on “Saturday, 020715”

  1. A. Up to 195# PR
    B. 3:37
    C. Subbed out Russian swings for American. Also did 200m on rower instead of 20 cals. Total time: 18:04

  2. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Ended complete complex at 65kg(143). Hit the hang twice in 68(150). Failed the tng
    B. 3:53. HSPUs ub. 20/10/10. Should’ve hammered in squats on final 10. Too slow
    C. 24:47
    D. Rowed 204 cals 
    E. 204 cals

  3. mickey kilmartin

    A- 89kg
    C- 17:58
    (Did 400m row in middle bc Im an idiot)
    Muscle ups still a work in progress I need to stop being a bitch and just get on them rings without resting so much

  4. A. 210#
    B. 3:31
    C. 15:56 (did american swings and 200m row instead of 20 cals)
    D. Did yesterdays accessory work after

  5. Loved this session. We did it on Sunday and I’ll post Vic and Jordan’s since they are lazy. I fucked up and didn’t realize C was for time.

    A. 215#, 225# miss I should have went #220
    B. 5:03
    C. Complete with 32KG

    A. 205#
    B. 7:24
    C. Complete not sure on KB weight

    Vic aka broke ass wrist
    A. #135 PR
    B. 10:23
    C. Complete 24KG

  6. Brandon Petersen

    A. Clean and Jerk speed work – tng style @100kg
    B. 5 rds afap
    5 power cleans 205#
    10 bar facing burpees
    Time – 5:27

  7. Sunday:
    A) build to heavy ohs 125kg missed 130
    B) build to heavy hbbs 155kg missed 160kg (BP I want my legs back)
    C) 5 rounds
    5 power cleans 205
    10 bar facing burpees
    D) 250m row
    15kb swings 70
    25 burpees
    15kb swings
    250 m row
    3:36 this was brutal

  8. A – 50kg. Missed 53kg on second snatch
    B – 4:42
    C. 22:50
    D. Added:
    20:00 Recovery Row between 2:10-2:23
    5×30; HS Walks – unbroken

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