Friday, 020615

1 or 2 sessions – If one, rest / recovery before squats 
A. Clean & Jerk; build to heave single in an every :90 for lifts. for 10-15 lifts, starting at about 70% or so 
B. some lighter drop sets, working speed between triples and doubles 
C. 13.4
7 min clock as many rds as you can, ascending ladder 
3 clean and jerks 135/93
3 t2b
C.Back SqT – 3×3 @90% of Mondays SqTs 
D. Accumulate 2-3 min of Pbars L-Sits
E. 3 rds 
25 reverse hyper @25%
20 banded scap squeezes 
30’ waiters carry each arm 
10 weighted GHD Situps 
10-12 double DB seated bent over rows 
F. 10-20 min Recovery Session at Z1 Pace 

12 thoughts on “Friday, 020615”

  1. 1. clean and jerk max–> 203# ties PR
    2. Back squat 3×3 @90% of 3RM from last week–> 218#
    3. Completed round of 12 plus 14 clean and jerks
    Nailed myself in the face on the very first rep of the jerk.. not only do I have a fat lip but also a shitty score after making sure I had all my teeth

  2. Well I knew my hands weren’t going to really like doing this one today…but I’m glad we did it.
    – 100 smooth reps. Fingers survived. Solid forearm burn, but ready to push more in a few weeks.

    Did Power Clean + Push Jerk ladder and worked up to 265#. Shoulder’s feeling relatively solid with weights up to that point.

    3×3 @ 365# – Done

    I’m attending the CF Level 2 cert at Reebok this weekend, so don’t have too much fun with your fitness without me. 😉

  3. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 209. PR for c&j. Jumped to 220 and missed the jerks 
    B. At 165
    C. Done at 236
    D. 2 minutes done
    E. Done
    F. 20=3808

  4. A. Clean & Jerk
    Went 225-235-245-255-265-275-285-295-305x-305x

    No legs couldn’t even stand up on clean lol

    B. 13.4
    97 reps – did with class , was kinda a vag here.

    Rest 10 min

    Did it again
    90 reps

    Calling it a night there.

  5. kept it to one session today and smaller one, have a hefty head cold

    1.) Didn’t wanna push my arm pain going heavy overhead so followed same format with full cleans….went 225/245/255/265/275/285/295/305/315/320(f)/320PR!

    2.) 13.4- 102 reps, hate this workout a lot have always had trouble with it. Happy with this 3 rep PR though

  6. Clean and jerk up to 275# 285# failed the jerk.
    103 reps on 13.4. First time doing this one, great forearm burn.
    Squats done at 285

  7. A. C&J

    B. 13.4

    C. OHS tempo 3.2.X.1 for a triple: position is focus

    D. Accessory work

    Extra session
    Did 13.4 again

  8. clean and jerks up to 235#
    drop sets done at 185#
    13.4 wod = 96 reps. felt like I had a little more in the tank.
    squats done at 285#

  9. A. 300# – hit 306# clean but failed jerk – clean PR
    B. 108 – less than the opens but on 3rd day in a row not disappointed.
    C. 345#
    D. 6:03 – 3 min L-sit accum
    E. accessory done – did RDL instead of reverse hypers

  10. A. Clean & Jerk;
    – 88kg/194lbs – PR

    B. 13.4
    TOTAL REPS: 96 (6 into the 18 C&J)

    C. Accumulate 2-3 min of Pbars L-Sits
    – Did hanging from rig

    D. 10 min Recovery Session Row at Z1 Pace
    -Done. Paced between 2:10-2:23

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