Thursday, 020515

A.1 60 minutes of active recovery here (for the power athletes – look to hold this 60 minute session around 60-70% effort). Endurance athletes should be just doing.
A.2 Self pre-had. 30 minutes of foam rolling and concentrated mobility drills for those areas that need it. For athletes who need more stability – then this is stability work. 

3 thoughts on “Thursday, 020515”

  1. Did a lovely 1 hour Assault Bike session today. Definitely going to do this each week to keep the conditioning up during the Open.

    First 30 minutes = Max Cals., got 437 (new PR)
    30-60 minutes = recovery pace, total = 793 (wanted to match the 800 I got a while ago)

  2. Had to take yesterday as rest. Did yesterdays today.

    High hang clean + PJ + SJ off blocks complex built to 235#

    3RM pause front squat @ 275#

    Hang clean, C2B WOD = 10:49

  3. Brandon Petersen

    today. . .

    EMOM x 48
    minute 1: 15 cal row
    minute 2: 15 burpees over rower
    minute 3: 30 double unders
    minute 4: 1x power clean + Split Jerk; ascending and starting at 225#

    Clean and Jerks were. . . 225/225/235/235/245/245/255/260/275/285/300 missed Jerk on two consecutive minutes. Just no legs behind me.

    Cash Out:
    Ridiculous amount of Chips & salsa at Chilis

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