Tuesday, 012715

A. 3 Positional Clean Pull + Clean ; x 7 singles @70-80%
*so, clean pull, below knee clean pull, above knee clean pull, reset on ground and perform full clean
B. 4 rds @80% 
500m Row 
15 box jumps (24/20) step down 
15 clean and jerks  (95/63)
12 T2B
9 Power Snatch *same BB
9 OHS *same BB
* rest 5 min between rds 
 **goal is all unbroken here, smooth pace, keep moving, all rounds. 
C. 10 min of Strict Upper Gymnastics Weakness Work :   Ie: Muscle Ups, legless rope climbs, handstand walk, bar muscle ups….keep intensity low and volume. Work technical aspects here 
D. Reverse Hyper 3 x 25 @35% of your back squat 1RM
E. Weighted Situps 3 x 20 

13 thoughts on “Tuesday, 012715”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    Snow storm was weak. Had to wod from home.
    Fight gone bad style:
    Gob squats 70#
    Kb swings 70#
    Kb push jerk 70#
    5 rounds
    Didn’t track scores just went hard and embraced the suck.

  2. Not much time on the schedule today, still on night shift.
    A. Skipped
    B. Took it super easy and worked on my cycle speed for each movement. Was at main base gym so subbed GHDSU for T2B.
    C.5 Rounds
    25 DU, 10m HS walk focused on keeping my legs completely straight.
    E. Will do at work with 45# sandbag pill.

  3. Was able to get the 3 position clean pulls in today at the wellness center but no clean so I just added another full clean pull instead. No cleaning aloud in the wellness center is very annoying.
    -done at 225#

    Then got some kids together from the club and did a version of fight gone bad like Mickey!
    Did it with rowing for cals, double unders, burpees, dips and a plank hold

    3×20 weighted sit ups with 55#, 65# then 75# DB

    heading back to the wellness center for some rowing.
    Couple kids talkin shit that the rowing and burpees doesn’t seem that bad so they are doing a EMOM16 of it. Can’t wait to watch ☺️☺️

  4. Taylor Domengeaux

    3 pos clean pull + clean
    = 235, 240, 245, 250. 255, 260, 265

    4 rounds:
    1) 4:55
    2) 5:21
    3) 5:13
    4) 5:20″

    **slightly hot on 1st round

    Reat of the work in an hour or so.

  5. mickey kilmartin

    Evening session
    Kb strict press 70 3×6
    Kb rows 70 3×10
    Scap work
    Airdyne interval work

  6. Brandon Petersen

    A. 3 positional + clean.
    B. Push a Press – add in
    200×5 220×3 231×1 242×1
    C. Today’s wod
    Did 3 rds ; without ohs. Shoulder wasn’t having it

    Have absolutely Nothing today. Yesterday’s wod plus adding In practice for comp this weekend killed me. Wishing tomorrow was an off day.

  7. Brandon Petersen

    Yeah had nothing in me. No legs. Juan and I just went back and forth and then called it a tie at 286 lol. Smoked today

  8. First time rowing with both legs in almost 2 months. Did the wod without Ohs or Box jumps still holding out on those because of knee. Went unbroken but row was a little slow and prob transition also just trying to get back Into full workouts.


    Am session:

    Max hspu 43.
    Snatch grip DL 205×5. First time heavy deadlift also in months.
    Weighted Ring Pull ups

  9. So this one almost killed me B.
    A. Clean work –
    B. 6:20/6:38/6:50/6:55
    When I say I had not legs, I mean I had no legs. Like had to step up and step down.
    C. Freestanding HS work on Pbars
    D. Sit-ups were done

  10. A. 215/225/230/235/240/245X2 – 215(70%) 245(80%)
    B. 5:41/5:49/5:56/6:04 (all done UB)
    C. 3X20 – RDLS (115#)
    C1. 3X20 Weighted sit-ups
    D. Gymnastics – did 5×4 strict mu w 10 strict hspu – rest 2 min then did 4×3 back roll to support

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