Monday, 012615

Tasia at ECC on the Clean Ladder

De-Load Week 


A. Snatch Pull + Snatch + OHS x 3; build to max on this complex in 20 minutes 
B. Jerk complex : behind the neck split jerk + front rack split jerk ; build in <18 min. Volume versus # – climb slowly and get reps in. No need for ton of rest here 
C. Front SqT – 5 x 3 @75% ; rest 2 min between 
D. 3 rds 
25 Thrusters 95/63 105/73 115/83
25 bar lateral burpees 
Rest 1 min between rds 
*weight increases each rd
E. DB SA Row 6-8 reps x 4 sets each side
F.  3 rds 
20 hollow rocks 
20 back extension
rest 2 min between

19 thoughts on “Monday, 012615”

  1. A) Finished at 110#..focused more on technique than the weight
    B) Finished at 155#
    C) Front sqts at 135#
    D) Round 1: 2:20
    Round 2: 4:12
    Round 3: 6:17
    E) 3 Rounds NFT
    – 20 hollow rocks
    – 20 RKBS (73#)
    F) 50 cals on the bike at recovery speed
    G) 3 x 5 UB ring muscle ups
    H) 50 cals on the bike at recovery speed

  2. Pretty active day, started this morning with a 10 mile ruck helping a buddy train for an upcoming school. Knee has been hot but felt decent through that and a Physical therapy session where I had some dry needling.
    Session 1 before coaching
    A) 115#,135#,155#,185#,205#, 210# miss x2
    B) 10# increment 135#-235#
    C) FS @ 245# (70%) Knee started feeling hot

    Session 2 an hour and a half later
    D) Only did 2 rounds 95# and 105#
    Round 1- 2:47
    Round 2- 3:43

    E) 40#,45#,55#,70#
    F) Complete

  3. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Snatch complex: 123. im special and did the entire complex x3. Brandon thinks I’m really smart.  
    B. 200: started At 93, climbed by 10s. Yes I added incremental plates so I actually did 200, B.
    C. Done at 203
    Extra. 10 muscle ups in three minutes (speed work before class — good pressure for me to perform)
    D. 1:51/2:42/3:34
    E. At 40#.

  4. Brandon Petersen

    A. Snatch complex up to 80kg – shoulder not great today then some technique speed work
    B. Jerk complex for speed 135-245
    C. Wod
    Died on 3rd rd

    A. Route 1 partner wod –
    150 wall balls
    10 hspu After every 25 w / Janelle
    B. Front SqT Strength work

  5. A.M

    1.) With a 24 min running clock:

    Amrap 10:

    10 squat clean thrusters 105#

    10 t2b

    10 burpees over bar

    *rest 5 min

    6 min to establish a 1RM hang power clean

    *then immediately go right into 3 min of max wall balls @ 30#

    Scores- 4 rds + 1…280#…60 wall balls


    1.) O.H.S:


    -2×3 @ 90%

    left it at 185# today, shoulder killed had zero stability, drop set done @ 165#

    2.) behind neck split jerk: 15 min to build

    First time doing these for weight…hit 285#, failed 305#. My mobility doesn’t like this

    3.) Row 6x500m w/ 2:30 rest. Go for 90% and sustain


  6. A. Snatch pull + snatch: technique and getting under the bar was focus today
    -climbed up to 110k

    B. Jerk: didn’t climb heavy, work on timing and speed.

    C. No fronts squats, spent more time on A and B to get it down.

    D. 3 rounds with 1 minute rest in between:
    25 thrusters: 95/105/115
    25 lateral burpees
    -9:29 (thrusters unbroken)

    E. Completed

    F. Completed

  7. mickey kilmartin

    A-5×3 83% back squat
    B-18-15-12-9-6-3 strict hspu AFAP unbroken sets only
    Time: 6:58
    C- scap/shoulder work

    A- snatch balance +ohs focused on position and shoulder stability
    B- running clock
    0-10min AMRAP
    10 thruster 105#
    10 pc 105#
    10 BJ 24inch
    Score: 5+13 (came out way too hot and paid the price in rounds 3-5)
    Rest 5min
    6min to find 1 rep max clean and jerk
    Had more in the tank but didnt know how it would go after amrap.

  8. Had to modify a lot of the wod due to my wrist. Which was a big mind game for me. was happy to train and train around my injury.

    A. Worked only snatch pulls, built to 225 for 3 reps
    B. Front rack wasn’t happy, so only worked Bck rack built to 185
    C. 15:51, was real bad, only could do 95, had to do burpees on my fist, and not eating or drinking much water over the ECC. Moving was rough.
    D. core done

  9. A: Up to 215# but failed the 3rd OHS like a weenie. went for 225# and missed behind, it was there.
    B: Front rack split jerk x2 cause my shoulder was feeling weird in the jerk from the back rack. Worked up to 235#
    C: 245# across
    D: screw this, this sucked lol

  10. A. 230#
    B. 265# – got sloppy
    C. 275# across
    D. 9:13 – this was brutal, stormed out of the gates to fast did first rd in 1:20.
    E. Rows and accessory done!

  11. A. Snatch Pull + Snatch + OHS x 3; build to max on this complex in 20 minutes
    50kg/110lbs – worked more on correct pull and squat snatch
    B. Jerk complex : behind the neck split jerk + front rack split jerk ; build in <18 min. Volume versus #
    70kg/154lbs – Felt good. Took a few attempts to get used to bring back to front rack position.
    C. Front SqT – 5 x 3 @75% ; rest 2 min between
    79kg/174lbs – Felt very heavy
    D. 3 Rounds
    25 Thrusters 95/63 105/73 115/83
    25 bar lateral burpees
    Rest 1 min between rounds
    TIME: 11:41 (Paced burpees too much at the beginning. Shouldn't have done bar facing to pace myself)
    E. DB SA Row 8 reps x 4 sets each side
    F. 3 Rounds
    20 hollow rocks
    20 back extension
    rest 2 min between
    G. 5×10 butterfly pull ups – felt good. Ready to attempt C2B

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