Tuesday, 012015

A. Back SqT – climb to heavy single for the Day 
B. 85% for 1x AMRAP – 85% on back, as many reps as you can


C. 10 rds 
3 Clean & Jerk 205/133. Beast 225/153
1 Legless Rope Climb 


750m Row 
30 Power Snatch’s (95/63)
750m Row

27 thoughts on “Tuesday, 012015”

  1. A. 445. Really pumped about this. Ties my PR. Especially given all the conditioning I’ve been doing.
    B. 377.5 x 6 reps. Probably could’ve done a few more, but whenever I do high-rep back squats my neck tenses up and it started happening at rep 6…

    C. 13:04. Whoa. That was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. C&J’s were fine. Rope Climbs – did 7 legless, then 3 rounds of half way up then used legs cause I felt like I was going to fall and die if I didn’t!

    D. Will do later.

  2. Brandon Petersen

    A. No legs climbed in singles but gonna prep body for tonight to hit some squats.
    B. N/a
    C. 10 rds @205

    Resting few the hitting the row / snatch

  3. A. 405, not to happy about that, put 415 on and once I unracked I knew I wasn’t getting back up.
    B. 345 for 10 reps, very happy with thay song how that’s 10 more pounds then I did the other week with 10 rm
    C. 16:47 @205 did all the legless, very excited about that, the other week 10 legless afap I failed on 8, 9, 10. Was more mental then anything. I thibk I could go faster with more confidence worth legless
    D. 9:13, I might not have gAve myself enough rest between sections. Feeling the Push more and more, liking feeling uncomfortable more and more.

  4. A. Back SqT – climb to heavy single for the Day
    500 pr

    B. 85% for 1x AMRAP – 85% on back, as many reps as you can


    C. 10 rds
    3 Clean & Jerk 205
    1 Legless Rope Climb


    D. AFAP
    750m Row (2:30)
    30 Power Snatch’s (95/63) unbroken snatches
    750m Row 2:34

  5. Snatch and squat jerk work

    Didn’t climb to heavy on back squats today -knees angry

    C) 10:57 15″ legless 133#
    D) 9:10

  6. 1. Didn’t have time to do this but planning to make up tomorrow morning
    2. 15:50 @ 153# with legs on climbs.. still a major struggle for me
    3. 8:32

  7. First day back from the weekend, just metcins today.

    Wod 1: tester for my man Richard
    3 rounds
    5 strict hspus
    10 pistols
    15 pull-ups
    12 DL @155
    9 HPC
    6 s2oh
    Time: 4:58


    Wod 2: yesterday’s make up
    Front Squat @245
    Time: 4:49

  8. A. Back SqT – climb to heavy single for the Day
    120kg/264lbs -PR!
    C. 10 Rounds
    3 Clean & Jerk 205/133
    1 Legless Rope Climb
    Time: 13:24
    D. AFAP
    750m Row
    30 Power Snatch’s (95/63)
    750m Row
    Time: 8:50

  9. Session 1.
    Mary/DT again because Chase beat me
    4:49. Thank you for the strategy tips.
    Ecc wod 2 clean and jerk speed ladder. Did this 30 minutes after the Mary/DT wod, completed within time limit for all weights, but was def harder than last week due to grip.
    Front squat. 6×1 at 335. Legs have been hammered last 48 hrs.
    Session 2 later

  10. Taylor Domengeaux

    Back squat heavy single
    = 410#

    Amrap @ 350
    = 9 reps

    C&J / legless (205#)
    = 9:08

    = 6:21

  11. Great time being back at CrossFit Ironwill. Got the pleasure of going through this session with Mickey:

    A: worked up to 365# 10# under pr
    B: 12 reps at 310#
    C: 225# all single power clean + power jerk. Only missed one. All legless rope climbs. 14:04 on this bad boy.
    D: 7:55 on the row and snatches. Could have pushed it more. Went 10-10-10 on snatches. Definitely could have went 15-15. Next time.

  12. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Back SqT – 283, not a PR but happy because my goal is to be dropping weight like its hot right now. Down six lbs

  13. My programming was a little different today.. I started with the ECC clean ladder:
    1st round: 17 seconds
    2nd round: 20 seconds
    3rd round: 38 seconds

    Worked up to a heavy single back squat: Hit a PR of 286.. went for 301. Bob ruined my life by helping me when I didn’t need it. Tried again and failed. Next time I’ll get it!!!

    Then I did the first part of todays wod:
    10 rounds:
    3 clean and jerk (143)
    1 legless rope climb
    Finished in 8:02

  14. Only did the c&j rope climb wod 10:53 @205 all leg less rope cilmbs. Had started the wod at 225 but rnds in stoped lowered the weight and started all over again. Knee was really achy today

  15. mickey kilmartin

    It was nice to have someone to workout with tonight. Especially someone that got 3rd in the rope climb event at regionals. My hero Dave dubin.
    A- 380-not a pr but I’ll take it
    B- 10 reps at 325
    C- 15:45 with 225 all legless dubinator got me on this one. Pretty happy with moving 225 through that one.
    D- 7:45- agree with Dave coulda pushed harder on snatches maybe 15-15 instead of tens

    Solid day

  16. A. Worked up to 325#. Just coming off being sick for a few days so I’ll take this, only 10# under a pr
    B. Amrap at 85%. 7 reps at 275#
    C. 14:25. C+J were really heavy for me but all rope climbs were leg less so I’ll take that
    D. 8:34 Went 10-10-5-5 on the snatches, could have been more aggressive on these

  17. A & B. Short on time so saving these for tomorrow
    C. 10 rounds
    Clean & jerk (155#)
    1 legless
    Decided to challenge myself a little today considering 155# is just 10# shy of my 1 RM clean and jerk but this slowed me down. Flew through rope climbs and went all legless on the way up but used them on the way down. (27:25)
    Rested about 10 minutes then went right into:
    D. 750 m row
    30 snatches (65)
    750 m row
    Broke the snatches into 5’s..shoulders were fried from the clean and jerks (11:03)

  18. A.) back squat single up to 410# for a PR, failed 420#
    b.) row/snatch in 8:05…pretty poor effort here, didn’t even try to hold onto the bar will learn and move on

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