Monday, 011915

Start of Testing Week ; be smart this week with any “added” stuff you may do. Post scores, times, weights to blog for all. 


Front SqT from Floor (225/133-153) beasts 245/153
Muscle Ups 
B. Weighted Pullup 10 x 3; ascending 
C. Db rear fly; seated 3 x 10 
D. Reverse hyper 4 x 15 @25-30% of backsquat 

A. emom x 24
odd: 15/12 Cal Row 
even: 15 Burpee over rower 
***another weeks progression. Specific to athlete building on this
B. 10 min on AB @60%

one session: 
A. from AM session
B. Row / Burpee – Emom progression
C. Assistance / Recovery Work

30 thoughts on “Monday, 011915”

  1. A. 6:47
    B. 40# across huge weakness, definitely going to keep practicing
    C. Did w just 10# plates
    D. Subbed good mornings @ 95#

    A. Done. :34 burpee split each round
    B. Done. 217 cals.

  2. One session:
    A. 13:25- Front squats at 145# went all unbroken. Broke up the muscle ups but tried to not do any singles. Still stuck to the reps though. These felt pretty good today.
    B. EMOM 24- stuck to 12 cals on the odd minute and 15 burpees over the rower on the even..missed a few reps on burpees on 3 or 4 rounds in the middle.

  3. A. 7:57-front squats at 225. Unbroken on these and muscle ups went 8-2, 5-3, 3-3, 2-2, 2.
    B. EMOM 24- Done, average :31 split on burpees

  4. Brandon Petersen

    Did the Emom 24 first just but ago.
    Completed all. Missed 1 row about half way through… Simply just being a pu$$y. Finished the 15 cal after the minute. Completed there after. later this evening for me

  5. Wod: 8:15.. weight: 153lbs. did 10 unbroken muscle ups in the first round which was a mistake. Arms really burnt out by the end and I ended up failing 2 muscle ups

  6. A. 6:34 (245#)
    B. 70#x2x3,80%x1x3,100#x7x3
    C. 95#
    D. 10#
    E. Complete all burpees in :26-:29 – can we wrap this stupidity up soon ha!

  7. mickey kilmartin

    A- 9:32 225 failed one muscle up and it messed my head up a bit in round 4. Improvement on last time muscle ups in new gym still funky long straps twerkin on it
    B- weighted pull-ups finished at 95# got one rep at 105#
    C- finished row burpees right around 30s mark. Not fun but not bad
    D- Dumbell flies 15-20-25

  8. A.M

    1.) 10-8-6-4-2 done in 7:56 @ 225# (gotcha Dubin!). everything unbroken, but slow transition from muscle-ups to front squats. Heavier front squats from floor are a big weakness.

    2.) Weighted pull-ups up t0 50# for a some sets of 3, heaviest DB we have haha

    3.) accessory work done w/95# good mornings


    1.) emomx24:
    Kills me mentally, so I bitched out…went 16 min on then rested 2 min then finished the last 8 min. Better than last time though, hate doing this by my lonesome I miss having fitness buddies:(

  9. Monday
    Front SqT from Floor (225)
    Muscle Ups
    10 unbroken

    B. Db rear fly; seated 3 x 10

    C. Reverse hyper 4 x 15 @25-30% of backsquat

    D. 10 min working split jerk

    A. Snatch 3×3 @77%, 5×1 ascending

    B. emom x 24
    odd: 15 Cal Row
    even: 15 Burpee over rower
    Died at 18 hung on hit 13’s on burpees 15 on rowing

    C. 10 min on AB @60%- recovery

  10. Taylor Domengeaux

    = 5:22 @ 225# ( try 245 next time)

    Wtd pull up
    5×3 (60,65,75,85,90)
    5 x 10 c2b
    *need little extra work on c2b so cut some volume on the wtd

    DB rear fly
    = 25# DBs

    Reverse hypers
    =on GHD with ankle weights

    Row/Burpee emom

    Airdyne 10 min

  11. Pm:
    A. wod @225
    All mu UB. Front squats…. Had to rest between sets. Legs were junk after this am’s 24 min Emom.

    B. Sit down for a while hoping legs felt better

  12. A. 15:36 #225, first time doing that many mu’s ever at one wod. Huge pr for me with this movement over the last couple weeks
    B. Worked to #40 arms were smoked
    C. Done
    D. Gluteham raises, (guess these aren’t a good switch for hypers, lol..)
    E. Emom 13 cal 10 burpee, went backwards. Was feeling terrible, should have tried garder and failed…
    F. Done

  13. 1. For time
    Front squats @ 155#
    Burpee chest to bar (sub for MUs)
    8:12 (all squats unbroken)
    Shoulders still pretty sore from Saturday

    2. EMOM 24
    even: row 12 cal
    odd: 15 burpees over rower
    Completed all rounds and nearly passed out after! Seriously cannot imagine having to do this without the support and push from my teammates!

  14. Janelle Oloughlin

    WOD: 9:15.. weight: 133lbs. ( sub push ups & c2b for mu)
    10×3 weighted pull ups, built to 15lbs for last few sets
    EMOM:12Cal/15 burpee over (until 10 min), dropped to 10 cal/12 burpee over (10-22 min), 15/15 last 22-23 min. Didn’t miss a minute but had to drop, no rest and wasn’t going to make it through them
    Also worked my du’s…

  15. A. Work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk single
    – hit 335 clean and jerk (PR)
    -tried 345 (got the clean, didn’t try the jerk, PR Clean)
    B. Front squat. Single with a 5 sec pause.
    -stopped at 315. A lot of legs in the clean and jerk, and more legs in the wod.
    C. Wod
    -7:19. Used 245lb.
    D. Rowed 10 minutes :35 hard, :25 easy
    E. Rev Hyper 3×20
    F. 10 min of HSW

  16. One PM Session:
    A. WOD 10-8-6-4-2: 7:32 at 143lbs unbroken squats
    B. EMOM: made it to 18:00 and then had to cut down to 13 burpees for the remainder. Finished the last round with 15 and went over the 24:00 mark

  17. Didn’t do good on the first wod 10 and 8 with 225 on the bar but moving slow. Scaled down to 205. MU no problem
    24 min emom i felt good and happy to finish all rounds

  18. One session
    Wod:6:44 (225) unbroken all
    24 min emom completed all, was really miserable
    Assistance work: shoulder external/internal rotation work. Knee rehab work

  19. = 7:58 (245)

    That is all I did today…too many good things going on at the gym today. Will make up those damn burps and rowing another day!

  20. Wod: 13:58 @135
    10/5, 8/4, 6/3, 6/2, 6/1
    First time successfully getting these in training
    Muscle ups have been a really big challlange for me, they were all broken up but got done

  21. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 19:11. Did 10 mus, then 4 in set two. Started failed so did 2x C2Bs for remainder of MUs. Front squats unbroken at 143. Meant to do 153.
    B. Worked up to 12.5 for multiple sets. See the correlation?

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