Friday, 011615

slight change in today, but lined up fairly well. We have Richard & Tasia competing individually at ECC; lets join them today and push them. Comment after you complete the wod with your times! #completeathlete

A. Front SqT – bottom up – 3RM + 2×3 @90%
10 overhead squats 155/103
10 Box jump overs (24/20)
10 Thrusters (135/93)
10 Power Cleans (205/133)
10 t2B
10 burpee muscle ups
10 t2b
10 power cleans
10 thrusters
10 box jump overs
10 overhead squats

Done after rest or recovery or as another session
C. 40 DB Manmakers (45/35)
D. Bottoms Up TGU – 20 alternating arms ; light weight focus on stability of the shoulder
* hold upside down, bell up, hand down; balancing.
E. Recovery

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  1. Brandon Petersen

    Yes. For those who can for sure. It will be at ECC. Will be like out and back I’m sure

  2. 10:27…first week back at WODs/MetCons, took way too much rest. Still finding my “psycho” WOD mentality. I would shoot for 9:30 if I were to do it again. Toughest part, and where you’re going to make up time is the Burpee MUs and second sets of everything. Push yourself to go UB on the way back down and you’ll be fine. The atmosphere will enable you to do that for sure. Good luck!

  3. 12:45 on the ECC Chipper. MUP’s got the best of me today. I agree with Brooks shoot to go unbroken on the way back. You guys are great athletes, best of luck to you both!

  4. Brandon Petersen

    A. 120. Went 130 single.
    *did row / burpee Emom again yest. Legs smoked and from bottom up big weakness for me
    B. ECC wod
    Finished the last box jumps at 10:30. The I hung out / shoulder not fan of ohs but rested and hit the set.

    Resting then Manmakers in a bit

  5. Didn’t do the bottoms up. Snatch and clean/sqt jerk for meet Sunday.
    9:34 on wod. All unbroken except singles on power cleans.

  6. A. Normal front squats. 3rm 350lb
    2×3 @90% 315
    B. 9:12. Disappointed. Went way to hard to start. Missed snatch on the last oh squats. Cost me.
    C. Done
    D. Done

  7. A- 305 clean and jerk PR just missed 315 forward on clean
    B- bottom up fs 275failed third rep made 255 easily
    C- ecc workout-12:55 only had one barbell which sucked changing weights definitely can go sub 12 here. Downfall was 205 p cleans. Moderately heavy for high reps still a goat for me. Work in progress. I would say second leg is where you gotta make your move. Set a good pace to start then turn it on at the power cleans and head home. Everything was UB for me except for PC. Have fun guys and go HAM.

  8. Wasn’t feeling well today and had very limited time so took it easier.. will make up metcon tomorrow
    1. EMOM 5
    6 pull ups OTM

    2. 40 DB manmakers AFAP

  9. Did not have 45 db so did 50# man makers in 11:58. What is a man maker exactly? I have been doing push up row right push-up row left then squat clean thruster with dbs. That right?

  10. First time working up on my clean and jerk since my shoulder injury…wanted to just build up to something heavy but manageable. Told myself I was going to absolutely stop at 315 if I got there…and did just that. Felt good, but sketchy at the same time. One day Mickey…hehe 😉

  11. Bottom ups weren’t working, the racks, or something. Slums have spent time and set up my jerk boxes. Was funky didn’t warm up good.
    Ecc chipper with a sad 15:58 unbroke the bar Work, singles on pc, the burpee mu’s were a mental game, need to learn come down off the rings without them moving. My should hurt warming up shop I’m glad I got thro the mus.

    Rough day of training. Wasn’t feeling myself.

  12. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Front SqT – bottom up – 3RM
    105kg for 3
    110for 2
    B. ECC WOD 3: 13:15.
    Glad to be doing the MUs regularly.
    Would love to see that one again.
    C. 40 DB Manmakers (30) 10:35
    D. Bottoms Up TGU – done

  13. Bottom up fs
    3rm 335
    2×3 90% 305

    Ecc wod
    Moved to slow between movements

    40 man makes 45#

    20 Tgu
    35 bottoms up

  14. Caught myself some sort of sore throat/cough/fever combo…made for a not so great morning session. Attempted the ECC WOD capped at 15 minutes. Had the last 10 OHS left at the cap but finished anyway. Glad I got through it even though I wasn’t at my best. Definitely want to have another go at this when I’m feeling myself again.

  15. A. Front squat bottoms up = 300# then 2×3@275
    B. ECC workout – 10:08 – had to change weight only used 1 barbell
    C. Did manmakers w a partner and took us 14:00 – went 1 for 1
    D. TGU – done w 26# felt weird on left arm.

  16. 11:18 on ECC chipper, moved pretty well throughout, thankfully went unbroken on those thrusters cause if I put it down I would have taken forever to pick it back up.
    DB man makers 10:24. Puke.
    10 min On bike just legs :30 hard :30 easy
    50 strict handstand push ups in UB sets of 5

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