Wed, 011415


A. :35 sprint on bike x 6; rest 2:15 btwn
Row 800m @90%
rest 2 min
2 min on bike @90%
rest 2 min
800m Row @90% (relative)
C. L- Sit ; accrue 2:30 total  
A. 12 min clock
Deadlifts  (365/253)
Muscle ups
in remainder of time, 
5 wall balls (30/20)
5 C2B pullups
**Note time of WOD + score of 2nd part.   Essentially, the is a BUY in to the remainder of time WOD, BUT, note time for future on this. 
***Weight on Deadlift; if the 365/253 exceeds 80%; scale back a bit. Understand with the DL some folks don’t have a large 1 Rep, but can rep these weights for this workout. Know yourself and be smart. If you are starting with singles on this, scale back a bit. 
B. 20 min on bike 
legs only 
:30 on hard 
:30 on easy 
C. Scap Work 10 min 
D. 20+ of static stretching and foam rolling 

18 thoughts on “Wed, 011415”

  1. Damn, that’s going to be a lot of heavy wall balls and C2B’s! My fingers are still shaking as I’m writing this from yesterday’s crapola…

  2. = 2:07, then 12+5 on the wall ball/c2b

    20 mins on AB, legs only, :30 hard/:30 easy = 250 Cals

    Have some good old bench press and DB strict presses to do to finish up the day!

  3. AM: some light C&J workout

    PM: – 1:53
    WB + C2B- 16 +2

    Bike only 156 (brooks is a freak with that thing. Great job man!)

    Scrap work: used the crossover bands

  4. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 121 cals for sprints on bike
    B. Row+Bike+Row=12:25
    C. L- Sit ; done
    A. 10:03, 3+2
    B. 20 min on bike, legs only, jazz hands: 141
    C. Scap Work 10 min
    Russian dips: 7
    Hspus EMOM:
    5 minutes: 10, 8, 10, 8, 5
    D. 20+ of static stretching and foam rolling
    loved it today.

  5. A. Stayed about 500 cal every round
    B. 2:45.0, 38 cal, 2:53.2 (puked after the 2 min rest after bike)
    C. Done

    A. 5:34 6+5, huge huge huge pr for me, did the mu’s unbroke, and 15 done just over 5 minutes with heavy dead. Was very aroused. Did butterfly on the c2b which are feeling better
    B. 210!!!!! I think i had more in me too!
    C. Done
    D. Done

    What a day of conditioning, felt great and engine is building. Pushing myself into a state of puking (not my goal) but I feel I’m learning to push harder and longer.

  6. A.M.
    A. Broke the aerodyne haha tried to stay at 31mph
    B. 2:43, legs only aerodyne broke , 2:50.
    C. 90 Sec took all day!

    A. – 3:40 all UB so pumped about this!!!
    10+7 rds

    B. Done on rower.

  7. AM: shoulder work

    PM: – 2:01
    WB + C2B- 16+1

    20 min bike 225

    Scrap work: used the crossover bands

  8. mickey kilmartin

    Still trying to kick this cold and get my voice and Lungs back
    A- front squat 30×0 3rm
    255-275-295-315failed second rep(too big a jump) 305 is doable here
    B- 50 strict hspu time: 2:58
    C- 3 rounds
    10 squat clean 155
    10 kipping hspu
    10 30 inch Bj stepdown
    30 dus
    Time: 8:07
    D- hs walk practice 5x40ft
    E-scap work

  9. Today my training seems to be sporadic with the ECC uphead.
    A. Event 2 ECC clean and jerk ladder test
    B. 5,4,3,2,1 deadlift 365 and mu 2:03
    Into the amrap of 5 wbs 30lb and 5 c2b
    16 rounds + 5 wbs.
    C. Bike done
    D. Recovery done.

  10. 2:58
    Did wall ball to bench due to a bad knee pain got 15+8
    20 min 30/30 legs only on AB 194 cal

  11. Pm A: 365 felt heavy after the first 5 rep but completed all rounds MU unbroken time 5:33 and 10rds + 9
    20min emom i hit 216 cal

  12. = 3:12, did it at #315 as this was more appropriate compared to my 1rm
    then 9+4 on the wall balls and chest to bars
    20 min on bike, legs only, :30 hard/:30 easy. finished with 184 cals
    L sit holds, worked on some L-sits to handstand holds

  13. A. Done
    B. 2:53/69 cals/2:52
    C. 5:41 for Lsits came out blazing and died
    D. 3:53 (did DL UB which is a big win for me) then 13+5
    E. AD done – 321 cals

  14. 1. 75 GHDs

    2. 12 min clock
    Deads @ 253#
    Burpee c2bs–> 3:22
    -remaining time-
    AMRAP of
    5 wall balls @ 20#
    5 pull ups

    3. 20 min on bike legs only
    :30 hard
    :30 easy

    4. L-sit holds and practice

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