Monday, 011215

Welcome to the 1st Live Post on CAP

Comments will be active ASAP. Lets get everyone commenting with their scores, times, weights etc. This community has been nothing short of amazing and I am very excited for the continued growth.  

Website is up for blog purposes, but rest of the site will continue to get overhauled this week. 


A. emom x 20 
odd: row 15/12 calorie
even: 15 burpees over rower 
*this is build on prior weeks. 
**If you are not completing in the time, don’t keep progressing your weeks here. Possible lower the # for these needed, or even in the minutes. If you have progressed and happen to miss a minute here, take minute off then continue on.  If NOT progressing with this, take a step backwards. 
B. OHS – temp of 31X1 for 4 sets of 10-15 reps; TnG Reps is focus here, not the weight; just working reps 
A. Back SqT – climb to 10RM + 1×10@90%
* don’t spend 20 min on this, warmup well, make your jumps and hit that 10RM FOR THE DAY* key words there 
spend no more than 12-15 min once going for the 10 rep 
B. Front SqT – EMOM x 5 x 2 reps @70%
C. AFAP ; 6 x 10 UB C2B Pullups 
D. amrap 7 @ competition pace 
5 power cleans 155/108  –  185/123
10 Box jumps (24/20) 
20 double unders 
A. Back SqT + Front SqT
B. C2B Sets 
D. EMOM row (rest before this a bit if you can); cut minutes down for those who need to , but keep intensity going. 

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  1. Awesome!!! Grats man site is looking great. Excited to be apart and help build this wonderful community.

  2. Brandon Petersen

    A. 140 x 10
    + 160 x 4 add on
    **added some squats last night – legs smoked today
    B. Front SqTs – 115 for the Emom
    C. 6×10 UB C2B – 1:45
    D. AMRAP 7
    6+15 @155

  3. A. 12 and 12
    B. Only 65, which still felt good
    C. 335
    D. 270
    E. 6×6 as butterfly time: 4:10
    D. 5+4

    Fun day training, Emomx20 was rough, 12 was a good number to build the pullups I should have pushed harder and did little more, I was trying to make sure butterfly was feeling good. Ohs in the beggining were feeling heavy.

  4. AM
    A) Made it 10min this time. Then had to rest 1 min and ON for 2min till 20.
    A) 213×10
    B) 173 ( Dont think 1RM front squat is accurate anymore)
    C) 6×10 Butterfly c2b- 4:45
    D) AMRAP 7- 6+1

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    Pre workout muscle up work for 10
    A. emom x 20=hell but done
    B. OHS – tempos: 83/103/113/113
    C. Muscle Uped post EMOM for six

    A. Back SqT – 213
    B. Front SqT – EMOM x 5 x 2 reps @ 190
    C. AFAP ; 6 x 10 UB C2B Pullups 5:59 all ub.
    D. amrap 7 @ 123=6+2

  6. Completed the 20 minute row burpee emotm. That’s all I want to say for today because I have no energy to type anymore after that. Oh and I had a snow day today. That was nice. Is that what this is for? Ok no more personal stuff. My favorite color is blue.

  7. Back squat 10RM: 213.. felt like I could have gone a little heavier.
    Front squat EMOM: @175
    60 C2B: 2:43.. I tried to go about every 20 seconds.
    WOD: 7 rounds plus 5 cleans. I went unbroken on everything and had no trip ups on double unders woo!!
    Finished the day with the 20 min emom.. took a little piece of my soul today! but I can’t wait for 24 min!! then 30 min.. that should be fun!

  8. Am session I was programmed.
    Snatch emom for 13 minutes.

    Back squat max reps at 405. 2 reps. Lost core on the bottom, just about got folded up like a lawn chair.
    Max reps at 345. Got 11 reps. Better than previous 405.

    Amrap 7 minutes. 6 rounds +15. Went unbroken. Seeing other scores, I suppose I didn’t transition quick enough. Power cleans were 185.

    Second session

    Snatch emom for 14 minutes at 205. No misses. Best I’ve felt on snatching in awhile.

    Row/burpee emom. I had 12 minutes
    Odd 18 cal row
    Even 20 Burpees
    Awful. This was close to my limit. Towards the end of emom I was finished with about 5 seconds to spare, cutting in close.

    Rev hyper 3×20 @160

  9. And chest to bars I forgot. 6×10 unbroken. Didn’t know it was for time, went fairly quickly anyway.

  10. One session
    Back Squat 285lb legs felt like mush
    Front squat 235lb
    C2b 2:17
    Amrap: 6+4
    EMOM failed on 17th only got 10 burpees

  11. I picked a bad day to be cleared to workout again.

    10rm Bs. 275. Haven’t back/front squared anything over 185 in 2 months so I was happy with it. Movement patterns were pretty good. Depth great. Chest colapased a smile on the last 1 or 2

    FA- 240 for the EMOM. Was suprised by this. Felt smooth and explosive for not Fromt squatting heavy loads.

    C2B did sets of 6 since butterflying is an ancient scripture at the moment. Kept it smooth and tight. 10-20 seconds of rest in between

    Amrap 7 either 5+25 or 6+25
    Tswift came on my iPod so I was doing dancing box jumps. Did 3 and 2s on the cleans just to stay safe.

    EMOM 20 row/burpee…rawr…

  12. one session
    A.back squat 10 rm 330 lbs. fs emom 275 lbs
    B. 6×10 c2tb unbroken 1:50
    C.emom7: 7+2
    D. emom 20 row/burpee finished all

  13. C2b 2:20
    10rm back @ 415
    Front @ 305
    7 amrap @ 185 7 full rounds
    Emom 20
    Did this last was hurting hit half rounds at 12 and half at 15…no fun

  14. One PM Session:
    A. 211 backsquat for 10. Feel like I could have gone heavier
    B. EMOM Front Squat x2 @ 163lbs/74kg
    C. 6×10 C2B… Failed last set at 5:19 at rep 7…. 11:31…. That was a good time
    D. AMRAP 7 = 7+2 (108 cleans)
    E. 20:00 EMOM = complete. At 16:00 I dropped to 13 burpees.

  15. Busy day today got the back squats, front squats and C2B in. Ended up doing the class wod at RCFM.

    Pullups didn’t do them for time, just tried to cycle the 10 for speed. All sets :10 flat.

    Did some rowing sprints after coaching.

  16. 6rds of c2b= 1:54
    7min amrap= 5+12 knee bothering me on the box jumps
    20min amrap got spicey but completed

  17. BS – 10RM hit 255#, could have got more but time was factor

    FS EMOM – 215# (70% of 305)

    EMOM 20 – did 13 cals and 11 burpees every minute. that was an additional calorie and burpee from what I’ve been doing
    also 20 minutes of this was brutal!

  18. A. Done each burpee rd done in :26
    B. 95/105/115/135
    C. 325# – 10rm BS (been on a no belt kick)
    D. 255# – FS
    E. 1:19 c2b pullups
    F. 6+5 (185#)

  19. Taking a class during the day this week so forced to do one session at night
    1. EMOM x 20
    Every other minute max HSPUs starting with strict and going to kipping (no resting on head)
    Did total of 99.. haha did an extra at the end to make it sound better

    2. EMOM x 20
    odd: 12 cal on rower
    even: 15 burpees over rower
    Completed all rounds.. with a frown

    3. AMRAP 7
    5 power cleans @ 123#
    10 box jumps @ 20″
    20 dubs

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