Wed, 010714

It’s that time of year! I know Kyle is pumped for 2015 Regionals

A. sqT clean – 3RM for the day – from high blocks – not tnG but right back on bar 
B. Back Rack Walking Lunge : 16 rep (8 each leg) climb to heavy , in 4 sets here of working sets 
C. 10 min row @Z1 – Recovery 
A. running clock 
21 muscle ups 
31 sqt cleans (95/63) (beasts do 115/83)
410m Row  
 rest 10 min 
power cleans (135/93)
Ring dips 
Note your time at this point, but immediately go into 36 bar facing burpees AFAP
*note time end of that as well 
D. 20 min of mobility and recovery MINIMUM

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