Monday, 122914

Amy @2014 American Open. 
93kg in the 53kg weight class 


A. EMOM x 12
odd: 15/12 Cal Row 
even: 15 burpees over the erg  
B. EMOM x 6 
5 TnG Power Snatch’s @65% 
A. 3 TnG Thrusters (rack) climb to max in 15 or so minutes 
*tng implying no resting through the movement. Don’t sit in front rack position, re grip and rest etc. Keep motion as you would with reps at 95 in a wormout. Strength , yes, but efficiency also huge focus here 
B. 10-8-6-4-2
Thrusters 155/108
Bar Muscle Ups 
C. 5 rds 
:20 L-Sit hold 
12-15 banded Scap squeezes 
10 reverse hyper @35% of your 1RM BackSqT *sub good mornings 
10 double DB rows (seated)

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