Friday, 121914


A. Snatch: High Hang 3RM (hip); build in 15 min 
B. Snatch Balance + OHS x 2 @max snatch; every 2 min complete 1 rep in this complex X 5 sets  (this is the goal. If your snatch balance doesn’t like up with these be smart)
C. 500m Rows @80% effort, less than normal splits prior weeks x 4-5; rest 3 min between 
A. Snatch Wave 3.2.1 format; first triple starting at 70%…climb with goal of heavy singles in mind for the wave. Be smart and learn how to wave properly for YOU. 
B. Running Clock 
0-5 min complete 
21-15-9 “Diane”
Deadlifts 225/153
rest 5 min 
@10-15 min 
21-15-9 “Fran”
@ 20 min mark 
2k Row AFAP 
C.  Scap / Shoulder ; Recovery / Pull variations 

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