Tuesday, 112514

Those looking to compete in Weightlifting, LiveFree Weightlifting is growing! Join us! 
***Recent Affiliates Gathering meeting; I was made aware of many who follow the blog from affiliates i was unaware of. Reminder, we have a Facebook Group for all those following comp Phase Programming. Please Search and we will add you!

A. Power Snatch Ladder ; EMOM x 14 x 1 rep; starting at approx 70%; climbing accordingly
B. Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; every :90 x 10-12 sets; building , starting at 70% of 1RM clean and jerk 
**For A & B; think volume, speed, footwork
C. Clean Deadlift to below knee 2 sec pause + Clean Pull + below knee clean pull; build to 103% for 5 singles with this format 
D. 530m Row x 6; rest 2 min @:1 faster than prior 500m Splits (prior weeks)
E. DB SA Row 7-10 reps x 5 sets each arm 

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