Sat, 111514

Those NOT attending CFF:
A. Deadlift – build to heavy 5 rep for the day 

*not max here. just heavy, save back. no more than 3 heavy sets 
**ECC monday, don’t fry yourself 
B. Single Leg Suit Case SqTs – 6-8 reps per leg x 4 sets each leg 
C. 10 min of Pbar Swing through work 
*to hand stand if skill is there
**static holds, and swing throughs (slow and strict)
***basic level for those who need it 
****get some L Sit holds in as well 
100 Double Unders 
25 Cal AB
50 Cal Row 
25 Cal AB
100 Double Unders 
E. Bodybuild Session – 20 min
F. Weighted GHD Back Ext 

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