Monday, 111014

Strive for world class positions 
A. :20 sprint on AB x 5; rest 2:30 between 
B. amrap 18 @80% -smooth and consistent 
5 burpee muscle ups 
10 kb sqt Cleans (53/35)
30′ HS walk
30′ Walking back rack walking lunge (185/123)
C. Back SqT – 85% x 1 x 3 sets 
A. Back SqT- 3RM + 2×3@90%
*build up to right before your 3RM with thin bands if possible. Remove bands before 3RM Attempt
B. Complex: SqT Clean + Hang SqT Clean + TnG SqT Clean + Hang SqT Clean – build 
C. EMOM x 10
odd: Strict HSPU (-2)
even: 15/12 Cal Row
One Session: 
A. Pm session
B. Added cyclical work + muscle ups 

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