Monday, 110314

***ADD ON WARMUP This Week 
2k Row 
25 OHS (barbell)
25 GHD Situps
2 Legless Rope Climbs 
5 free standing hspu 
*those doing ECC WOD
A. 500m Row x 4-5 @85-90%; rest 3 min between
*wake up body here 
B. Low Hang Snatch up to smooth 3 rep 
C. movement prep for this afternoon
SqT Cycle Below.
***also those hitting ECC today, be smart with your training next few days. ECC WOD will programmed on Friday this week 
**Those not doing ECC
A. 20 min clock 
10 min AB
:30 hard (should have good gauge from prior weeks as to what to hold with this)
:30 on easy 
5 min SqT Clean + Split Jerk Singles; every :30 perform Rep  starting at 60-65%
*climb intelligently, speed / technique focus, not climbing to a max 
5 min clock til 20 min mark 
500m Row @90+% effort 
25 GHD Situps
amrap KB Snatch’s alt arms (70/53)
B. 10 x 5 UB ; strict HSPU, AFAP ; have to come off wall after each set of 5 
C. Back SqT – 85% x 1 x 3 sets
A. Back SqT – up to 3RM 
*SqT with Bands up to set before you go for 3RM, light bands for all. 
+ 1×3 @95% + 1×3 @90%
1k Row 
3 rds  of, 
10 Front SqTs 
8 Hang Cleans 
6 Shoulder to overhead 
10 Muscle Ups
C. Weighted Plank Holds 4 x 1 min holds; ascending in weight 
*proper flexion position is key here
Big Dawgs 185/123

Ninjas 155/108

If one session; just PM
*cyclcal work add in this week

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