Friday, 103114

Saturday at CrossFit Free. 10a, we will kick off Competitors Training as usual. We will be hitting the ECC Week 1 workouts with a great group!  Join us! 

A. Back SqT

2×4 @85%
B. Hang Snatch – 10-12 min of work ; heavy triple, but no more than 85% approx of hang snatch triple 
C. 1rd AFAP
10 bar facing burpees
15 thrusters (95/63)
20 C2B
D. emom x 10
odd: 5 OHS 135/93
even: 10 Cal Row @80%
E. 5 rds @70-80%
300m Row
15 Cal AB
rest 2 min btwn rds  
F. Stability + mobility Focus 

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