Wed, 102914

Welcome Dr Mike Molloy to the CAP Team

A. 20 min on Rower 
:30 on Hard
:30 on easy 
rest 10 min 
20 min on bike 
A. Clean x 3 + Split Jerk; build to max in 15 min 
B. Front SqT : 3RM “bottom up” SqT’s 
*set rack height to bttom of your front sqT. you Will pull urself under and just stand up from the bottom of the front squat. then lower back down to rack. Between each rep, stand up tall, then go back under bar for next rep. Think starting from the bottom here 
amrap 10 @80
5 burpee muscle ups 
10 Box jump (24/20) step down 
15 Cal Row 
rest 4 min 
amrap 10 @85%
5 Tng Power Cleans (205/133)
10 Cal AB
25 DU
rest 4 min 
emom x 5 @100%
10 Russian KB swings (heavy as possible)
10 burpees
**building on last week

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