Wed, 102214


A.  amrap 20 @70-80%
5 Strict Pullups
5 Stone over Shoulder (100/65) ish *depending what your gym has 
10 Cal AB 
10 GHD Situps 
20 Double Unders
B. Front SqTs – Banded – 3RM with lighter bands *note the bands
C. 10 min on Shoulder Health / Recovery 
A. SqT Clean – 1RM in 12-15 min 
:10 on @225/133-153TnG SqT Cleans
:30 off 
*cont til cant tng reps in the :10 with speed
**10 sets max 
**no resting during the time, think FAST cycle time here (relative to individual)
*** scale accordingly;  up/down –  to hit 225 here, your cleans should be in the neighborhood of 300# or higher. Scale accordingly and be smart. Push it, be don’t worry if have to adjust a bit on fly. 
C. 5 rds AFAP 
Row 250m 
5 burpee muscle ups 
D. DB SA Row 6-8 reps x 4 sets each side
E. Scap Recovery Work and positional holds 
One Session:
Do only PM session above + some added cyclical aerobic work if you have time 

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