Wed, 090314

5100m run w/ stations…. Great push from friends!
A. Muscle Snatch; build to heavy triple in 12-15 min 
B. Power Snatch; climb to heavy single in 12 min; form key here, deviate and stop
C. Deficit Snatch High Pull
@100% + to start and ascending through wave above 
D. 500m Row x 5 @ (pace per athlete) but think sustainable pace throughout ; rest 1:30
A. Deficit Deadlift Wave;  
*singles NOT above 90% at any time. Can push the 5&3 rep here. 
B. Deadlift – 2 x 5 @93% of your final wave of 5 above 
C.  DB SA Row ; 4 sets each side x 5 reps each with 2sec pause at top of pull 

D. 15 min of Core Work 

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