Monday, 082514

Chase cruising to a 1st place finish this past weekend. 

A. Hang SqT Snatch – build to 3RM for the Hang (above knee); in 15 min
B. OHS – build to 3RM + 2×3 @90%; in 15 min 
C.  Strict Press – 5RM + 2×3 @90%; in 15 min 
D. 10 min
:30 on HARD
:30 on walk around
on AB

A. Front SqT – build to 5RM @33X0
B. EMOM x 10
ODD: 10 burpees AFAP but movement focus; feet placement
even: 3-5 strict HSPU (heigh and weight according to athlete)
into , 
EMOM x 10
odd: :35 of DU *keep total running count
even: :35 max calories on rower 
*score total numbers added together

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