Tuesday, 080514

stay tuned for more athlete cards coming daily to the Fall Freesome event page!
A. Power Clean x 3 + Push Jerk ; climb to heavy single in complex in 15 min 
B. Deficit Deadlift w/Chains ; build to heavy Single here 
C1. Single Leg SqTs (athletes choice as for suitcase or bb on back etc; but foot up on bench/box behind)4-6 reps here @31X1
C2. 200m run   :5 hard / :10 slow till completion 
D. Row; Cyclical Work (athlete specific)
those build on splits, remove second or two from split times and repeat 4-500’s 
those for aerobic work, hit :30 on hard, :30 on easy x 12-18 min 

A. 5 rds ; rotation starting station each time
400m Run 
20 C2B 
12 Power Snatch (115/83(95/63) *UB is goal here 
10 burped box jump overs 
40 Double Unders
rest 4 min between rds 
10-15 min of Bodybuilding movements; have some fun! 

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