Tuesday, 072914


A. 3 Position Power Clean Complex; 5 sets between 80-85% 
B. Heavy Triple Deadlift – w/ Chains or Bands today
C. 10-15 min of core / upper gymnastics play time
D. 10 min on Rower @Z1
40 Wall Balls 20/14 to 10′
200m Sand Bag Run
10 Burpee SqT Cleans Thruster w/ (sand bag 80/60)
5x – 100m Shuttle Run (50down 50 back) + 5 Muscle Ups 
10 Burpee SqT Cleans Thrusters w/ sandbag
200m Sand Bag Run 
40 Wall Balls  20/14 tp 10’
*burpee sat clean thruster w/ sandbag =   sand bag is on the ground. Burpee chest to sand bag , can stand up with the bag at that point, into squat clean with sandbag + thruster the SB overhead. Bag can be on one side of the body, just locked up overhead. Odd object here, find the best way for you. Bag must end locked out overhead both arms; so if bag is on one side for thruster, athlete must coordinate bag to overhead both arms locked out for lockout. 

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